On Not Caring What Others Think

As time has progressed in an ever-increasing blur, I’ve ceased giving a rat’s arse worrying so much about social niceties and outward appearances.  This isn’t meant to imply that I don’t respect those with well-manicured lawns, or who don perfectly coiffed hair and make-up to drop their children off at school. Nor is it meant to imply that rudeness on the part of me and my family will ever be acceptable.  It just means that I have three kids who are younger, faster and downright better at sucking up time than I’ll ever be and some things had to give in order to survive.

For example… Thursday evening both A2’s  and A3’s classrooms performed their annual choral concert. The music teacher asked them to “dress for the occasion”.  Pretty vague request in my opinion.  Several outfit choices for each child were presented and all were summarily rejected. A3 chose to wear a dress that came from a Hefty Bag full of hand-me-downs from an unknown source. I believe the dress was intended for playing dress up. The lovely little pink and white polka-dot number came complete with blue marker stains across the rear and about 3 inches of unintentional ankle reveal (too short).  Her choice of Sketcher’s w/o socks completed the charming ensemble. No worries, she stood in the back row.

gratuitous Grandma shots ahead


A2 flat out refused to wear a dress or skirt of any kind.  There again, she stood in the middle of the pack, so again, no worries.


On Friday the Jr. High I worked at was celebrating “Duct Tape.”  This young lady cheerfully posed for a fashion photo.


One young man had even made  an entire suit of armor, including a helmet, out of duct tape.  Some of these kids were so creative and had so much fun that I was tempted to jog down to the local hardware store and pick up a roll for my own outfit. Just kidding, I don’t jog.  Of course not all students participated and some scoffed indignantly when I questioned their lack o tape.  It must be noted though that later I  intervened as some of these same “fashionably mature” young ladies microwaved a shoe in the afternoon. It’s a long story.  Suffice it to say that I was angry, the teacher was angry and embarrassed (not a class I was teaching) and the girls copped attitudes, complete with eye-rolling and back talk when caught.  But let’s move along to something more pleasant.

Saturday was A3’s long-awaited birthday party!


 We all had a great time and I even restrained myself from knocking small children out of the way while racing back and forth up the stairs of the slide… yes, I went swimming.  I told you, I don’t care what people think.  We didn’t have as many guests as planned for so there were tons of cupcakes left over for evening grazing.


Upon returning home an unexpected package was discovered in the mail.  Erin sent a skein of the most gorgeous hand-dyed yarn and three custom-made stitch markers.  It is so pretty and smells so good that it’s really hard to not cast other WIPs aside and delve into its squishiness (is that a real word?),


I need to write to Erin today and find out the story behind this fibery goodness.  I’m pretty sure that the Crazy 8’s Sock Club ended in February.  Maybe it’s a Pay It Forward.  ‘Tis a mystery for now, but a good one.  Thank you Erin!

Congratulations to Reva on becoming a Grandma for the second time last week too!  I hope the baby and mom are well and that you get lots of spoiling in! 

Some knitting and spinning were attempted, but progress remains by and large unnoticeable so no pictures were taken. Many neighbors worked diligently on their yards this weekend. They all look fabulous and I admire them greatly. Ours… not so much, but we had other priorities. 

If truth persists in the old saying then based on our sunrise we’re in for some inclimate weather. This was taken looking to the southeast towards Mt. Hood.


Hope you all have a magnificent Monday!



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8 responses to “On Not Caring What Others Think

  1. Great sunrise picture! Too bad we all had to be awake in time to see it. :/

  2. Good for you! I bet you had a blast swimming, too. As for the yard work? It’ll be there when school lets out. I can guarantee that. Mine will be, too. That is unless it stops dropping large amounts of moisture on us. We now have huge muddy paw prints in the kitchen. Oh, the knitting and spinning will be there when you get back to it, too. Take care, kiddo!

  3. I love that your class was celebrating the joys of Duct Tape. ;o)

    We should be cleaning up our yard, too. We are starting to lean towards ‘redneck funky’ and the neighbors are beginning to glare at us.

  4. Ahh duct tape, my daughters fav thing in the whole world, they even have two books at the library how to make stuff outta duct tape! I hear you on the dressing up thing- I use to take it personally on how my daughters dressed for special events, I didn’t want people to think I choose that outfit! and then I came to the point where I don’t care anymore. I want to get upset about the major things, and let the minor things go.

  5. Swimming party sounds great! I wanted to get a Y membership for the kids this winter but it just wasn’t in the cards.

    I consider it an accomplishment, however, that I have not yet driven the kids to school in my woefully mismatched pajamas, although I have no compunctions it seems about walking the puppy in same!

  6. lilypily

    That yarn is really gorgeous! I’d find it hard to resist too. Hope you resisted those patty cakes though. (g) But good for you going swimming. I admire that. :o)

  7. TK

    Ha, the red sky thing only counts in the tropics . . . 😉

  8. Nan

    I had something else already to say, but after that view of the sunrise, I am speechless! What a beautiful shot you captured there.

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