Happy April Oneth

No April fool’s jokes here… that would require creativity and effort.  And since this is technically my “vacation” I’m not  working on anything other than what’s necessary for daily survival.  All spare time will be spent sleeping, reading, knitting or spinning.  Just kidding, April Fools! Did any of you really believe that my kids, etc. would allow for time off?

Today, rather than continue on with the green sweater, I piddled around on several smaller endeavors.  First, I finished the booties and hat knitted last weekend by sewing the trim on.  I’d like to make a matching cardigan eventually too.  They still aren’t blocked, but as they’ll be packed away blocking them now seemed pointless as they’re doomed to be smooshed and flattened.


Second, I whipped out a couple of dishrags.  Not much to say about these, they’re mindless to create yet satisfying because they are useful.  I hope to make lots more to replenish my depleted gift pile.


Finally, I grabbed some silver jewelry wire and beads then made up my own version of an orifice hook for my spinning wheel. Until now I’ve just shoved the roving through the hole or crammed it through using a pencil or whatever else was within arm’s reach.  This can now hang on my wheel  where it will always be accessible.  Okay, so realistically it will hang on the wheel until one of my kids decides to turn it into something else… like a retrieval hook for when toys fall into the toilet.  Oh well, it was cheap, easy to make and I’ll try not to become attached to it. 


The weather has been cold, but the skies are clear and pretty.  We all took a walk over to the WSU campus.  The ground remains muddy and the snow level is still quite low in the hills for this time of year so the walk was brisk.


The girls enjoy playing around the various campus sculptures and fountains, but loitering was kept at a minimum to ensure comfort levels.  We older folk tend to freeze up when not in motion. Notice the lack of outerwear and the liberal coating of mud on the girls below?


I really have been reading though.  I just finished a series of books belonging to my daughters.  They are the Warrior series by Erin Hunter (actually three people).  The target audience for these stories is the 8 to 12 year old range and my girls absolutely love them.  Now I can join in their conversations or at least not feel lost should I over hear them talking about different characters.  It’s nice to know what influences my girls are exposed to. 

Tomorrow I’ll work on the green sweater again.  Or maybe I’ll spin.  I’m wanting to make a bulky weight single, similar to the Manos Del Uraguay, for a herringbone stitch jacket.

Also, it’s now only 1 month away until Packwood!  Is it too early to start packing?



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4 responses to “Happy April Oneth

  1. It’s never to early to start packing for Packwood!!!!

  2. The grass is so very green. Smooshy, but green. I absolutely love the baby hat and booties. They are so sweet. You’re a busy girl. The oriface hook is terrific. They are so darned handy. And, Packwood. I can’t believe it’s that time again. I lose track of time so easily anymore. Have a great day, kiddo, and take care.

  3. What a gorgeous set! I love the trim.

  4. oh hey, I think I love the books for older kids/teens more than “adult” books. Inkheart, Inkspell, Magyk, Physik, Flyte, Artemis Fowl, the Red Wall series and Warriors books (just to name a few) all seem far more captivating to me. They all remind me of how to get lost in books and involved with the characters. I think I’ll have to read A Wrinkle in Time again soon, too. Love your banner, btw.

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