What a delightful vacation

this has been!  Rather than fly off to the French Riviera we decided to eschew the Paparazzi and enjoy a quiet week at home.

We rented this

and then my DH tilled the garden. 

I’m so excited to be able to grow our own food again.  It never really feels like home until we plant something.  It may sound corny, but I’ve always felt that digging in and eating food grown in your own soil bonds you to a place. Until then I feel like a transient.

I planted flowers in the front yard and in some pots on the back deck, but it’s still too early for vegetable seeds, etc. to go outside.

Our family attended a free screening of Horton Hears a Who.  We don’t go to the movies often, we usually rent DVDs so this was a rare treat.  The movie entertained all of us and the theater itself was quite luxurious.  Not only were the extra-wide reclining leather chairs comfortable, but they came equipped with these handy yarn holders.

My youngest daughter unsuccessfully tried to convince me that these were drink holders. However, when the small sodas cost $4.00 each I can assure you that these remained yarn holders for us.  There was a perfectly good drinking fountain in the foyer, thank you very much.

I finally finished knitting the pieces for Arwen.  The knitting is never an issue, the finishing always turns into a nightmare though when it comes to sweaters for me.  In this case not only are the seams a challenge, but finding a place large enough to block the pieces is an issue.  The top of the hood sections are kitchenered together prior to blocking and the result is a really, really big and awkward blob. It didn’t even fit on the full-sized Futon.

All told I made 6 dishrags and was able to spin about 8 ounces into some bulky singles this week too.  After working on trying to make even, lighter weight yarn for so long it’s proving challenging to create the bulkier yarn now.

So tomorrow school and work resume for everyone.  And as delightful as the time off has been I look forward to having a regular routine again.  Even Bonnie has had her fill of attention and desires some quality alone time.

We done wore her out!



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6 responses to “What a delightful vacation

  1. Waah, I want my garden tilled. My husband is so taken with livestock and pastures and all he has little interest in the garden. I had a plot into which I was going to expand last year’s 20 x 24 area, and now there’s a tractor path through it!

    I have never spun singles to keep as singles. Yours looks very soft.

  2. Love your bulky. It’s purdy. Bonnie looks happy, and exhausted. That’s the “river otter” look in our house. Your garden plot looks wonderful. Whatya gonna plant????? I need to work on my garden and my cold frame needs help. That plus painting and glazing our old wood windows and spring clean-up. Ah, whatever, right?
    PS I love your new banner.

  3. Yeah you finished the knitting! You are not that far behind me. The seams are a bit difficult on the sleeve but that is the only one. The rest are mattress stitches and so work up nice and easy.

  4. Yarn holder–ha!! Love it! I got some tulips and daffies to plant, but every time I get the urge and time to go out and take care of it, it’s raining. Maybe tomorrow….
    Love, K

  5. Sounds like a perfect week. Love your new blog look too!! (Or maybe it’s not that new – I’ve fallen pretty behind in blog reading.)

  6. Fi

    Hehehe…’French Riviera’..’paps’..that tickled my funny bone!

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