While walking down the hall at work yesterday a fellow employee congratulated me in passing.  Because I was in a hurry I simply thanked her and continued on my way. The incident briefly amused me as I pondered its possible meanings, but her comment was soon forgotten. Later that afternoon there was a fire drill. While all of the students were milling around and the faculty, armed with clipboards, tried to restore some semblance of order a different faculty member approached me and whispered her congratulations.  I whispered “Thank you” back and then asked her, “What for?”   At this point she turned 5 shades of red and stammered something which was unintelligible amid the cacophony of students, blaring alarm and loudspeaker announcements.  At this point my interest was piqued.  

I know I’ve gained a substantial amount of weight (I’m only 5’3″ or so, so 10 pounds looks like 30 and I’ve gained more than 10 pounds) but did they all mistake my weight gain for pregnancy? Or maybe they thought that I’d won the lottery.  In which case why would they think that I’d be at work instead of in the Bahamas.  What else could prompt two people I know only by sight to offer up such heartfelt kudos?  There was no way I was letting her escape without further inquiries. So as the students began returning to class I caught up with her to find out more.  With a little pressing she caved. Rumor has it that I’ve been hired full-time now, but this is completely unofficial and off the record.  It’s so unofficial in fact that I didn’t even know that I’d applied for the position.  Of course I’ll take it when/if it’s offered.  I’d be foolish not to.  It makes me happy to think that the principal and other people there would want me to join the staff.  Thank heavens they don’t think I’m pregnant!

As per normal, we’ve had minor trials and dramas all week long. A1 has play practice 3 to 4 nights a week now and tonight is the school sock hop.  As I type this there are 5 girls crowded into our bathroom applying makeup and changing clothes as they try to recreate looks from decades past. On the one hand the giggling, etc. wears me out, but I would rather have my daughters’ friends spend time here where I can be “in the loop” and know what’s happening, etc. 

Several nights ago A2, my animal lover, discovered an injured humming bird.  We made him a little soft place to rest, gave him some sugar water and waited to see if he’d recover.  Other than the fact that his tongue was stuck out at an odd angle all we knew was that he wasn’t able to fly.  We suspect that he hit a window. After several hours he drank some of the water and began to flutter his wings. Keeping A2 away long enough for him to recuperate some strength was our biggest challenge.  She wanted to hold him, take him to the vet, etc. Convincing her that nature needed to take its course was nigh on impossible. She even named him, “Faith.”

After one unobserved period (about 1/2 hour) we discovered Faith was gone.  The girls frantically searched around the porch and yard to find him and I suggested that he’d flown away.  They were a little crestfallen that their friend was missing, but they were happy to have helped him. All was well. 

Sometime later a bloodcurdling scream shattered the peaceful evening as A2 discovered her new friend’s lifeless body laying next to my bed. Bonny had caught him and presented him as a gift to me. A2 declared that Bonny was an abominable, heartless beast and she refused to be friends with her ever again. Three days later A2 is still not speaking to the kitty.  Bonny, being a cat, doesn’t have a clue that she’s the target of ire.  We held a funeral for the bird, who is now buried in my garden. I’ve explained to all of them that hunting is instinctual and not the kitty’s fault.  After vainly searching through *The Parents’ Handbook several times for tips on handling this situation I’ve decided to contact the author with a suggestion for including this scenerio in future editions. This new chapter will be titled, “When One Friend Eats Another Friend”.

I’m not finished with “that” cardigan yet.  It became “that” cardigan when it refused to fit together properly.  The grafting at the top of the hood went together fine. The side seams merged together lickety split (shown below).

However, the shoulder seams, and arms are not cooperating. I have taken them apart no less than four times while attempting to avoid this puckering, bunched up mess. 

I will NOT be making this sweater again. The cabling motif is beautiful, but the hood is too pointed for my taste and fitting in the back section just kicking my arse.

Today’s temperature reached into the upper 70’s at our house.  Spring is here! The girls cooled off in the sprinkler.

After which they proceeded to assist with establishing the garden by eating ice cream bars so that I’d have some sticks for identifying seedlings.

From the general clamour now outside the office I presume that it’s time to leave for the dance.  Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

*Oh yeah, there is no such book in existince. Silly me, how could I have forgotten.



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6 responses to “Title-less

  1. I am here to commiserate with you over the sleeve seams. I think I did mine 3 different ways and was still not completely happy but it worked and looked better than my other attempts. My final solution was a whip stitch like/side seam job. It looks like whip stitches but created by catching a bit of each seam.

  2. If you’ve gained 10 lbs. you look fabulous. As for the job, I’m hoping for ya. And, the hummingbird incident? How do you explain the kitty doing what she does naturally. She was out of the loop. I completely understand. I’m out of the loop perennially. The sweater will either capitulate or die. Take care, kiddo!

  3. Well, crud on the sewing up.
    Congrats on the potential full-time position.

    ::at least you know that the cat likes *you*::

  4. I was going to say…where’d you find the Parenting Manual? Clearly, I’m in need of a copy! 🙂 Actually, I think I need a copy of “Adulthood” since I have yet to figure some of these things out.

    Worked a little bit on Irish Chain #2 and the pattern is going together better than before. A little smoother, a little more regular, and I made another knotwork pattern for the outside border. I just ran out of the right kind of thread!! Darn, gotta go shopping!

    Love, K

  5. Christy

    Bad BAD kitty! I have the same trouble with Munchkin who likes baby bunnys, squirrels, birds and even chipmunks………bad kittys!

  6. lilypily

    Hey Heide! Sorry about the little bird. What an awful thing to happen. I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of cats for just that reason, so my commisserations to your daughter. Your dramas with “that” cardigan have probably saved me from a similar fate. I was about to start one for myself (having made one already for my daughter) and I had forgotten about all the dramas I had with it too. I did a curved hood on my daughters though, but the alterations nearly did me in as I was a wreck hoping they would all work out in the end. They did, but no, not again. I wonder if knitting pain is quickly forgotten like labour pain? ;o)
    P.S. I like the new look blog! It’s been a while since I dropped by. It looks very nice.

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