Yawn & Stretch


Today I ventured to wear the Arwen cardigan.  It was okay to wear, but not great. I’d prefer to have a closure of some sort down the front to keep out wayward breezes.  At one point I was caught in a torrent of rain and hail so I put up the hood. But as soon as the squall passed the hood came off.  If the sweater were red I’d be a dead ringer for the Travelocity Gnome. 

My eldest even pointed out that my beard is the same color… Her newly-discovered wit has earned her the right to make her own lunches this week.

Last night I cast on a Forest Canopy Shawl. After seeing Gina‘s I caught the bug and couldn’t resist.

On the 22nd  (next Tuesday) Stephanie is coming to Portland and I have plans to meet up with some PDX knitters and take the Max to see her speak.  I’ve crossed all of my crossable parts in hopes of avoiding family tragedy or illness which might interfere with attending the function.

As typical for a Monday, we’re all tired and in rather bad spirits. Our dinner menu for tonight officially called for chicken noodle casserole, but fatigue and hunger won out over practicality, planning and patience. 

The girls and I picked up some grocery store sushi on the way home and called it an evening.  Now off for a bath and bed. Tomorrow is an early morning and I can’t stop yawning. Cheers!



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13 responses to “Yawn & Stretch

  1. Rae

    Love the sweater! The green looks great on you! Better be carefull with it at Packwood.

  2. I love the sweater, but I agree about the hood–not a very flattering design. I can hear you singing “The wheels on the bus…” A1 should know that genetics are a hell of a thing…something she can look forward to! I started on the second Irish chain and there are some things that are going well…and some that are….not. Let’s just say my initial quilting (a couple years ago) were less than perfect. Hopefully I can do like Cathy Miller’s song and “Quilt that Out!” Did I ever play you my song? Next visit…how’s the end of April looking for you?
    Love, Karen

  3. I think Arwen looks lovely, although I’d be careful hanging out in gardens; you’re liable to get stolen by some mischievous teenagers. (Oh, no, now do I have to make my own lunches this week?)

    You’re off to a bang with the Forest Canopy Shawl. I fear lace, but I’m impressed with anyone who can handle it!

  4. Arwen is lovely. I’m sure the hood looks lovely laying on your back. As for the FC shawl? It’s so pretty. What’s the yarn? I really love the teal(if that’s the true color). And, remember, you are only getting what you give (kid-wise). I’m grateful at least one of your girls,so far, has your wicked sense of humor. I so hope you get to see Stephanie. I have heard wonderful things about her speeches. It’s good to hear from you. I love your comments, but look forward to your updates. Take care, kiddo!

  5. You and Arwen look great together. That first photo of you? I love how some of you folks can pass off that wistful model look so well. Me? Piff! I just look stoopid.

  6. I think Arwen looks great! And a great color!

    In the ongoing parallel lives we seem to lead, I also have a Forest Canopy on the needles, though sorely neglected for Sock Madness and the Fair sweater. I am not good enough at lace to knit it when I’m watching TV and such so it waits. But it’s a great pattern, as far as I can tell.

    Mmm, grocery store sushi…kids love it, moms do, too!! You’re making me hungry…

  7. You finished!!!! Yeah I am so happy for you.

    I personally like my sweaters to close. When I made mine I check with the SIL that it was ok that it did not close and she said that she never closed her sweaters or jackets.

  8. Awww, your sweater looks so cute!! 🙂 Fingers crossed that the way stays clear for you to see The Harlot on Tuesday. I’m seeing her the following Sunday – at Webs – and I’m allowed to shop as a reward for being brave and getting my pump. Eeeeeeee!!!

  9. Cindy (and Grover) sent me your way. lol. I’m jealous of your Arwen. It’s on my list of “want to’s ” and you chose I color I probably would have chosen for myself. I love how yours turned out and ironically, am getting ready to start Forest Canopy myself! It will be my maiden voyage in lace shawls, so much teeth nashing is expected. lol You show lovely work. Enjoy Miss Steph!

  10. Don’t you just love the FCS? I’m kind of sad that I gave mine away after I knitted it. I’m thinking of making the Danish Tie Shawl next. Maybe you’ll see it at Packwood.

  11. I, too, think Arwen is lovely…maybe some frogs or hook thingies which would be fairly invisible would work to keep frontward breezes at bay?

    Thank you, yes, thank you very much for the altogether too realistic photo of the supreme sushi out thataway (um…note the sarcasm). When I was visiting Nancy in January (she’s in Issaquah) I think I got a car for the sole purpose of going to her local grocery store where a REAL sushi chef waits and boxes up whatever yummies you ask for. I snuck out a few times in just the two days of the weekend. Around here, 1000 miles from any body of water, you can’t get anything and if you venture to the restaurants, it costs so much it isn’t worth it for the mediocre quality (as opposed to the wonderful, fresh high quality which I got IN THE GROCERY STORE). I’m very jealous.

  12. okay I’ll admit, I cackled when I saw the hood and read what your eldest had to say. ;o)) It is a pretty sweater – as long as you don’t try wearing it ‘hood-up’ ;o) (I already make my own lunch so I’m guessing there’s another punishment in store for me…hehe)

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