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Yesterday while fueling the mom-mobile I numbly stared at the little numbers on the pump climbing higher and higher as the tank filled up.  We are not extravagant people. We do not drive a Hummer or expensive SUV.  If not for the fact that we have two children in car seats (which take up more seat space than an average adult) and three other people at a minimum riding with us (we usually have an extra child or two or three) then I’d follow Susan’s lead and trade in my mini-van for a smaller vehicle.  As it is, the high demand for hybrids has pushed many of them out of our affordability range.  While out perusing the internet for random facts I stumbled upon this table showing some international gasoline prices. The dates vary, but after reading these I realized that things could always be worse here. 

Country/Territory  ↓ US$/gal  ↓ US$/L  ↓ Local units  ↓ As of  ↓ Sources  ↓
Australia (Sydney) $4.20 $1.11 A$1.28/L 2007-10-22 200710-22 Motormouth/
Belgium (Brussels) $7.64 $2.02 €1.38/L[3] 2007-11-07 200711-07 [4][5][6]
Brazil (São Paulo) $4.66 $1.23 R$2,40/L 2007-06-33 June 2007 [citation needed]
Canada $4.35 $1.15 C$1.14/L 2008-02-22 200803-15 GasBuddy/
China $2.44 $0.64   2007-05-05 200705-05 CNN Money/[1]
Croatia $6.57 $1.73   2008-03-20 200705-05
Denmark (Copenhagen) $7.44 $1.97[5] DKR9.99/L[6] 2007-11-08 200711-08  
Egypt (Cairo) $0.93 $0.25[7][5]   2007-07-25 200707-25 [8]
Finland $7.98 $2.11 €1.432/L 2008-01-05 200801-05 [9]
Germany $7.62 $2.01[5] €1.372/L[6] 2007-11-08 200711-08 [10]
Greece $4.93 $1.30 €1.00/L 2006-03-13 200603-13  
Hong Kong $7.56 $1.997 HK$15.54/L 2008-03-05 200804-12 Shell Hong Kong/[2]
Iceland $8.06 $2.13 ISK 150.40/L 2008-03-31 200803-31 Esso/[3]
India (Bangalore) $4.61 $1.60 INR55.15/L 2006-10-33 October 2006  
Iran $0.33 $0.09   2007-05-05 200705-05 CNN Money/[4]
Israel $6.10 $1.61 NIS 6.23/L 2008-01-01 200801-01 Israel Min. of National Infrastructures (Hebrew)[5]
Italy $7.30 $1.93[5] €1.33/L[6] 2007-11-08 200711-08  
Japan $3.84 $1.01 ¥118/L 2006-09-29 200609-29 CNN Money/[6]
Kuwait (Kuwait City) $0.78 $0.21   2006-04-33 April 2006 CNN Money/[7]
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) $2.01 $0.53 RM1.92/L 2006-02-33 February 2006 [8]/Google exchange calculator on 15 May 2006
Mexico (Mexico City) $2.36 $0.62 MX$6.80/L 2007-05-05 200705-05 Banco de Información Económica/[9]
Netherlands $8.02 $2.12 €1.44/L 2008-01-03 200801-03 Shell/[10]
New Zealand $4.17 $1.10 NZ$1.52/L 2007-05-25 200705-25 Pricewatch/ on 200609-29
Nigeria (Lagos) $0.38 $0.10   2005-03-33 March 2005 CNN Money/[11]
Norway (Oslo) $9.16 $2.42 NOK 12.54/L 2008-03-03 200803-03 Shell/[12]
Philippines (Manila) $3.54 $0.94 P 40.57/L 2007-09-17 200709-17 Shell Philippines/[13]
Romania (Bucharest) $6.32 $1.67 RON 3.8/L 2008-04-15 200804-15 [14]
Russia (Moscow) $3.04 $0.80 RUR 19.86/L 2007-12-14 200712-14 [11]
Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) $0.45[8] $0.12   2007-05-16 200705-16  
Singapore $5.19 $1.37 S$1.97/L 2008-01-02 200801-02 PetrolWatch/
Switzerland (Zurich) $6.24 $1.65 CHF 1.79/L 2007-12-19 200712-19  
Sweden $7.42 $1.96 SEK 12.44/L 2008-01-03 200801-03 JET/
Thailand $2.61 $0.69 24.79 Baht/L 2007-01-13 200701-13 Nation Multimedia/[15]
Turkey $10.03 $2.65 YTL 3.10/L 2007-12-05 200712-05 NTV/[16]
Turkmenistan $0.29 $0.08 TMM 400/L 2006-11-25 200611-25[17]
Ukraine $4.43 $1.17 UAH 5.9/L 2008-04-18 200804-18  
United Kingdom $7.72 $2.04 £1.04/L 2008-01-16 200801-16
United States $3.62 $0.83 $3.62/gal 2008-03-10 200803-10 [12]
Venezuela (Caracas) $0.17[8] $0.05 Bs. 97; BsF. 0.097 2008-01-12 200801-12

Of course, driving small cars comes with its own set of challenges.  The other day at the grocery store I witnessed this…

The driver of the Mini Cooper wandered vainly searching for the driver of the Camry who had parked behind her and boxed her in.  Although both cars did fit nicely into the single spot, it was rather rude of the second driver. I was just pulling away with my groceries when he returned.  I have no idea what words were exchanged, but it would have been interesting to hear his excuse.

Yesterday my DH and I left work early to attend a luncheon at the school.  This is the first time we’ve ever been called by the Principal for something good!  Here is A1, second child on the left, receiving a citizenship award for honesty.  We now have one of those bragging stickers in the window of our car.  You know, the kind that make most of us want to gag. Basking in her glory made choking down the nasty school lunch bearable and we’re very proud of her.

Several more dishrags have been finished and I knitted a hemp soap pouch/scrubby thingy. 

Some more rows have been added to the Forest Canopy Shawl too.

It’s FRIDAY!  Hooray!  Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend. It’s really cold here. Brrr.



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11 responses to “Mostly non-knitting

  1. I’d have been furious if I was the owner of the coop. I can’t believe someone did that to her.

    You know, the US is sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. You’d think we’d tap into that and stop being so dependent on the jerks overseas who keep raising the prices on us. I have the same issue as you. There’s no way I can afford to get rid of the mini-van I have.

    By the way, the shawl looks great!

  2. I know. I should be grateful, but when you’re bleeding from your pocketbook, it hurts, don’t it? Congrats to A1!!! Where’d she get her tall?? Love the washrags and your FC is lovely. Take care kiddo!

  3. I’m totally digging on your forest canopy shawl and may have to jump on that bandwagon with you. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thanks for the sobering reminder about our oil addiction too. Seeing our gas price in liters, not gallons, was a big eye-opener.

    Seriously, A1 IS tall! What a great award. So, so cool.

  4. I’ve seen A-1. Either she’s just got really short classmates, or she’s a couple years older than those kids. In either case, great job, A!! I went and got gas the other day–$3.57 a gallon. It’s gone up a few pennies since then and I just don’t get it. There isn’t a shortage. Turn the taps on!! The difference between our “dependence on fuel” and other countries is that we don’t have the mass transit that Europe has. If we had more rail systems, we wouldn’t NEED the cars as much.

  5. Nicole

    Congratulations to A1!

  6. We’re getting new bikes tomorrow and starting to ride to school on Tuesday. Driving to school is seeming like a luxury these days. Plus, what is the word for, you know, moving your body more…I can’t remember…oh, yeah. Exercise.

    In my dreams I drive a Hybrid SUV with a third row of seats to accommodate extra children. In real life I drive a 20 year old Buick that still holds more children than my friend’s Saturn Vue. That seems wrong!

  7. Christy

    I guess I better not tell you 2 things that are going on here then….
    1 – gas just topped 3.49/gallon
    2 – it’s 50* and dry – thus – no SNOW anywhere in the midwest forcast to be found ……….

    thubthubthub!!! (cheap attempt at typing a raspberry)

  8. Way to go A1!!

    We’ve got the same car issue. The Skeptic is trying so hard to find a way we can stay in the station wagon category, but unless you go the Volvo route (not in our proce range!) we’re going to be stuck getting a mini van this summer:-( Sheesh, I never thought I’d be saying that!

  9. Congrats to A1!!

    I remember when filling up our rental on a trip to Ireland in 1999 that gas was astronomical over there. I see that it has only gotten worse. At least we aren’t paying $9/gallon…yet.

  10. I just re-read that – I didn’t drive to Ireland even though I made it sound that way! LOL I drove *in* Ireland! hehehe

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