One More Day!

I’m way too excited for a proper blog entry. Tomorrow after work I’ll meet up with MonicaPDX to go see The Yarn Harlot!  My DH has earned extra Brownie points (meaning I won’t nag him for obsessive computer gaming for at least a week) because he’s taking leave from work to be here to pick up the girls after school so I can go.

This weekend was productive.  On Saturday we cleaned and worked on laundry (it’s never really done).  That afternoon my nephew stopped by with his new truck. I’m so happy that he was able to get it. He’s a good kid (okay, so technically he’s an adult) and he works very hard. His old truck was a gas guzzler so driving to and from college was eating up all of his money.

Sunday’s marathon began with a 7:00am grocery trip.  I was very proud to have finally remembered to bring the re-usable bags purchased at Costco more than a month ago.  As it turns out, this is the last time these bags will be used for groceries.  They’re ridiculously large and when full they become nigh on impossible to lift. All of the canned goods were in the bottom and not visible in the picture. No doubt they were designed by a man, because only a testosterone-laden brain would think these practical.  I can only imagine men in Costco parking lots pretending not to strain as they  load these into their cars. Yes, I’ll be knitting some smaller, reusable bags.

End of rant. The above-shown items were transformed into 7 complete dinners which are now frozen for future use. Two batches of cookies and banana bread were baked too, but they never made it to the freezer.  These people I live with eat too much. My current non-knitting project is to wean them off of the one gallon a day milk habit.  Time to head off to work. Hope y’all enjoy your Monday.



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9 responses to “One More Day!

  1. Busy lady. Have a blast going and coming and during the Yarn Harlot gig.

  2. If you figure out how to get them to eat less, let me know. I can’t get my DH to stop sneaking cookies when I’m not looking!!

    Have fun at the Harlot tomorrow, and do report everything back to us!!!

    PS: On second thought, DH is taking me to see The Harlot on Sunday – so I guess he can have all the cookies he wants. 🙂

  3. I have some of those 99 cent reusable bags from the local grocery store, but I always forget them in the car. Not even at home–in the CAR. Sometimes I wonder if I really have a brain. Have another of Marilynn’s quilts racked up but it’s not talking to me. I’ve knit a few more rows on the lone periwinkle sock–I keep it in the car now so I can play while I wait for the girls to get out of school…slow and steady…
    Love, Karen O

  4. Did you try the crocheted string bag I hooked last year? Or the Dorky String Bag (knit)? Nice and sturdy!

  5. DH

    Yeah, well, not getting nagged wasn’t the reward I was hoping for.

  6. Terri

    Can’t wait to read about your trip to see the Harlot! :o)

  7. I’m impressed with your freezing. How long does it take you to make all that?

    I hear you on the food thing. I went shopping two days ago and now there is still “nothing to eat!”

  8. Nice truck! Tell him that ‘TRD’ does NOT mean that HE is on the Toyota Racing Development team and he doesn’t have a ticket to try out his suspension at top speed! ;o)

  9. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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