Triple Blooms

First, our favorite tree “woke up” this weekend.  It’s a full week behind all of the other trees in the area.  Then again, our house, yard and flora were all constructed and planted about 10 to 15 years before the rest of the neighborhood. Age does tend to make the best of us a bit sluggish.  Here’s a closeup. 

Today’s wind and rain mean that we’ll probably come home to a naked tree and a pink yard this afternoon. 

Next, the overdyed handspun dried. It bloomed too! It’s definately the sought-after heavy weight.  The colors are pretty much on target too.  I’d call it a success if not for the fact that the autumn shades are NOT colorfast. My hands are a blue/gray color which will undoubtedly require countless explanations at work today. There is no time to mess with it this week so the box has been stashed in my wardrobe. Maybe a reminder note about the color issues should have been included so I don’t forget when I rediscover this in the future and cast on… nah, I’ll remember.  Probably.


The third bloomin’ thing was the Forest Canopy Shawl. This was such a relaxing lace knit that I’ll definately be making more. I know, the terms “relaxing and lace” seem like an oxymoron when used together, but it’s true! The pattern uses up sock yarn too, which for some reason I tend to accumulate. Miss Bonny insisted on supervising the blocking process.

“Mom, you really should ditch the pins and buy some blocking wires. Sigh, well, if this is all I have to work with…”

“This pin is at an angle. It needs to be perpendicular!  Why couldn’t I be a Hemingway Cat!”

“It’ll do, but if I had blocked it I would have given a few extra tugs here and there, especially along this bottom point.”

“I’m exhausted! I’ll just make the shawl important by sitting on it while simultaneously guarding it. If the short people come around I’ll divert them with my cuteness. This place would fall apart without me. At least that Sven fellow stayed away this time.”



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10 responses to “Triple Blooms

  1. I love your tree. What is it, do you know? Our flowering crabapple is naked and all her pretty petals are on the ground around her. So sad. The FC shawl is absolutely beautiful. Thankfully, Bonny was able to clear her schedule to help with the blocking. Whatever would we do without our knitting helper kitties? And, I like the yarn for the heavyweight shawl. It turned out great (except for that pesky bleeding issue). Take care!

  2. The shawl is lovely and so’s the cat 🙂 Like the flowers too!

  3. Love your shawl! Love your yarn! Love your tree! Beautiful blooms. 🙂

  4. Beautiful tree – and shawl! :o)

  5. I was just telling Number Guy this weekend that I want all of the trees to be in flower all summer long – not just for a measly weekend or so.

    He says that it isn’t what the trees are all about.

    I agree: it is all about me wanting happy blossoms for months on end ;o)

  6. We can definately see why this is your favorite tree! It is very beautiful. The shawl is also very lovely. Thank you for stopping by our blog and sending Orange Boy your well wishes. It’s 4:00 a.m and so far we haven’t had to make any more trips to the ER.

  7. Tee hee – love the shawl . . . and the cute little blocking helper!!!

  8. pdxknitterati

    Your cat was even more helpful than mine was for my shawl! Way more involved in the process. Your shawl is lovely.

  9. Very pretty shawl! And so important! Scritches to the kitties, hugs to the kiddos, and hello to B–he’ll probably grunt his reply while taking care of important business on the computer. 🙂 Summer is creeping up on us very quickly–we’ll have to make a play date for the kids (and the moms!)
    Love, K

  10. Gorgeous Forest Canopy! Gorgeous Bonnie kitty! And I lust for your overdyed handspun. Woundermous almost irridescence to it. Great job!

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