Words always

escape me and my descriptions become inadequate when I try telling stories, but here’s a brief summary of the weekend.

About mid-day on Friday the one and only Fun Donna pulled into the driveway.  Within seconds I knew it was going to be an exciting weekend.  Donna really is fun! We talked all the way up to Packwood.

Packwood main street

When we arrived Susan, Penny, Judie (Fun Donna’s sister) Karen & Michelle were already there. Happy hour had began sometime back around 1:00.

Susan and Judie

Almost immediately Susan presented me with a surprise.  Meet Arwen!

Isn’t he wonderful! Susan spent several days searching around the Tri-Cities area looking for one who was just the right size. He’s to remind me of the horrific hood experience several weeks back.  Of course we spent the rest of the weekend posing Arwen with various people, objects, etc.  Susan knitted him an adorable scarf out of her hand spun and I converted a gauge swatch into a makeshift hat. The ensemble was completed with a pair of Jesus boots designed by Penny.

Later Friday afternoon Famous Jessica and Kelly arrived. We spent the remainder of the evening knitting, eating, drinking, spinning and Donna worked on scrap booking for everybody.

left to right: Jessica, Penny, Kelly, Michelle, Karen and Judie

Everyone had the prerequisite hand-made socks. 

Penny’s socks out of STR, Jailhouse Rock

In addition to my old, blue wheel, Susan and Jessica brought their Lendrum DT’s as well. They both alternated between spinning and knitting.

This is Jessica preparing some hand dyed silk hankies.

The gorgeous spun version looked like jewelry.

Susan spun a blend of wool, alpaca and angora that had been combed together.  This stuff was so soft and wonderful that I wanted to roll naked in it! 

Here is Susan’s shawl she’s making out of yarn she purchased on her recent trip to Alaska.  It’s gorgeous! Unfortunately, her mother had already laid claim to the recent Rowan Tweed Sweater so we weren’t able to fondle or admire it in person.

That evening we enjoyed a steak (or tofu) salad. The salad is made with fresh thyme and other herbs.  The steak (or tofu) is marinated, grilled and then sliced on top.  It’s so good!

Saturday morning we enjoyed rhubarb crisp and sweet breads with coffee (or other forms of caffeine) for breakfast.

Several hours of lounging then followed. This was my favorite time because we all got to see what everyone else was doing, admire finished and partially finished projects, visit and try new things. Penny tried out the drop spindle and did a wonderful job.

I played briefly on one of the Lendrum DT’s and Judie taught me some more new tricks. 

Then we ventured into Packwood to check out the Mountain Festival. While there, Arwen met several of the locals. They graciously humored us by holding him while the Paparazzi went wild.


Speaking of wild, this fellow was a real animal. He developed quite a liking for his new short, friend and he kept knocking the gnome over while rubbing on him. Arwen escaped unscathed but sadly his Jesus boots did not. Somewhere in Packwood is a happy cat with a new toy.

Arwen’s near-death experience with the rabid fan made him appreciate just how short and precious a Gnome’s life is. In his quest to live every moment to its fullest he joined a band…

tempted fate…

got a tattoo and hooked up with some wild women (not shown for decorum’s sake). 

Then in another Zen moment he realized that fear of his own mortality had caused him to act recklessly and dangerously.  It scared the  crap right out of the little dude!

He needed some serious therapy so we took him to see a Native American Shaman.  Sage words of wisdom, meditation and reflection restored balance to his little Gnomey self.

We headed back up to the cabin for lunch and our afternoon workshop with Penny. Susan made Chaos lentil soup (thank you for sharing the recipe Chaos, we left off the suggested kibble garnish though).


Penny had prepared everything ahead of time and simultaneouly led two groups of us step-by-step through the process of making these adorable gift bags.

That evening we returned to town in shifts where we enjoyed burgers, pizza and knitting.

Michelle, Penny and Arwen

Susan had brought a movie along called “Black Sheep” for evening entertainment. Have I ever mentioned that I am a total coward and freak when it comes to scary movies?  Well, I am. Even before the main feature began the previews for other movies had me scared.  We ended up not watching the movie. But for the record, I wasn’t the only chicken.

Later in the evening we had our gift exchange.  Michelle, from Pink & Sparkly, put together the present that I received. It included this wonderful striped bag and two skeins of soft, pink cotton yarn. 

picture taken upon returning home in full sunlight.

It was funny because earlier that day, after seeing all of the pink WIP’s Michelle had with her, I’d commented about how I’d like to try making something pink too. What a coincidence! We’re both going to make baby cable socks out of the same yarn and then hopefully we can get together and compare them someday.

We ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to try out the Barking Sheep wine. Maybe  if we’d drank this prior to watching the movie we would have been able to sit through it!

We woke up early on Sunday morning for the drive home. Judie came back with Donna and me. After dropping me off they were going to meet Judie’s husband in Portland and spend some time visiting. Here are Donna and Judie together.  They are just so darned cute! And Donna worked her little patootie off creating scrapbooks for everyone there!  I can’t wait to see what they look like.

I’d like to say that the weekend was perfect, but it wasn’t. First, it went by way too quickly. Second, the bloody toilet wouldn’t work. Life becomes adventurous when 9 women share a cabin with one broken John.  But we Made do. No pun intended.

I already miss everyone. If I wasn’t so tired I’d be able to acknowledge each and every wonderful moment. Off the top of my head though:

Susan, thank you so much for inviting me into your group of knitters and for Arwen. You’re one of the kindest and most accepting people I’ve ever met. Your shawl somehow didn’t make it into my bags, but it wasn’t for a lack of “accidental” trying on my part.

Jessica, thank you for all of the spinning help and inspiration. On a side note, I swear this woman was a spider in a former life. Her yarn and knitting are absolutely perfect! Hence the name, Famous Jessica.

Penny, thank you for teaching the wonderful scrapbook classes and for bringing all of the patterns, sweaters in progress, etc. for us to admire. She can match perfect patterns to yarn like there’s no tomorrow.

Judie, you are the Knitting Goddess!  Thank you for teaching me the new cast on methods, how to use a nostepinne and for the gauge advice.  You are a real kick in the pants to be around too.  I loved hearing all of the stories.

Michelle, thank you for the wonderful pink sock yarn and bag! I can’t wait to cast on the baby cables. Now that I know that you’re the person behind Pink & Sparkly I’ll be back there daily. I’m checking out the jobs this evening.

Karen, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.  Underneath that quiet facade you’re a wild woman with a wicked sense of humor. I hope you weren’t overwhelmed by our silliness, and dare I say, my occasional common vulgarity.

Kelly, it was a pleasure meeting you. Your blue/green socks were very pretty (Koigu yarn paired with a lovely cabled pattern from IK).

Fun Donna!  Judie was absolutely spot on in her naming of you. If not for the slight knitting aversion you’d be perfect.  The trips up and back (in spite of the Dramamine induced haze) flew by delightfully. Thank you very much for the monstrously huge breakfast on the way home.

I know lots was left out. Whether by intentional omission or by oversight, I’m not saying. Hopefully others will post lots of pictures and stories to fill in some of the gaps.




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9 responses to “Words always

  1. Sounds like you had great fun! Arwen added greatly to your adventures in silliness! The Shaman is standing next to a very pretty quilt–an Ocean Waves quilt, which I endeavor to make one day. I started sock #2 today! You’ll be so proud of me for actually making a PAIR of socks, not just one.
    Love, Karen

  2. That looks like So much fun!
    Gnome Poop
    Willie Nelson as The Shaman
    Black Sheep (Chicken!)
    And lots of food, laughing and drinking. And Fiber, too.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend!

  4. It seems each time you have more fun!

  5. Marion

    What do you mean, you have no words? You write wonderfully! Sounds like you had a great time, not withstanding the broken toilet!

  6. Sounds and looks like a fabulous time! That gnome does NOT look like an Arwen to me. 🙂

  7. OH MI GAWD I am so jealous. :-O

    that’s all I have to say.

    no…that’s not all…so, why didn’t I get an invite? huh? (pout)

  8. It looks like a good time was had by all! ;o)

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