I’m a Title Holder!

Well, I doubt I’ll be nominated for Mother of the Year by my 9 year old.  She got off the bus this afternoon and said that she had to miss an assembly because, “Some kids were goofing off and I got blamed!”  The indignity, or lack thereof, had me suspicious of her explanation.

Sure enough, while dishing up after school snacks the phone rang. It was the culprit’s teacher.  It turns out that there was a substitute music teacher today. And when A2’s class left their regular classroom and went to music class several students, including A2, proceeded to play tag, be loud and otherwise disruptive. I apologized profusely to A2’s classroom teacher and completely endorsed the decision made by  her and the principal to have the offenders miss the planned activity.  She was calling the parents of the children who had missed the assembly to explain why they’d missed it. I believe she  either expected me to be upset at her or that another parent had been unhappy about the punishment because she sounded genuinely surprised by my support.

In addition, I made my middle child hand write an apology letter to the substitute. So there you have it.  Once again, I’ve been proclaimed the Meanest Mother on Earth. After all, none of the other kids had to write letters and she was “mostly innocent.” 

Oye! This girl can sure cop an attitude and I feel sorry for her teacher.  Maybe I should do something really, really nice to compensate for the extra gray hairs A2 has caused this school year. Perhaps a gift certificate for therapy or alcohol? Okay, so those are probably not good ideas in our hyper-correct society. Maybe I’ll just knit her something. Something squishy that she can squeeze in frustration when necessary.

I’ve worked a little on the second Forest Canopy Shawl. This version is in Mama-E’s Cinnebar colorway.

I’ve also found another pattern  that I want to try out over at Drops. Hope you’re all having a terrific Tuesday.

Meanest Mom on Earth indeed! Maybe I’ll make a sash like the pageant winners wear. Oh, oh and I want a crown too!




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10 responses to “I’m a Title Holder!

  1. I loved your story and your response was admirable. Making her write an apology was excellent. Lil Bit used to have Mean Mommy dreams, so I think it might be like the flu. It goes from Mommy to Mommy. Your FC shawl is simply lovely. Take care, kiddo!

  2. Heh, as a former teacher I can tell you that not all parents will have your perfectly reasonable reaction to that explanation. Some will blame the teacher, others will take issue with the punishment…so many parents, in my experience, take all responsibility away from the child. It’s really sad. When I was a kid, it was my job to behave in school and do my homework, etc., and if I didn’t and got in trouble, well…it was my own fault, right? If my mom had gotten a similar call, she would have done more or less the same thing you did.

    Love the color of that shawl!

  3. We need to start a club. Some sort of Reasonable & Responsible Moms (R&R) for raising these little monst– I mean, children– into productive members of society…maybe not socially acceptable humans, since we are not always perfect examples… 🙂 I’ve also surprised a teacher or two by saying, “Yup. She deserved it.” Never went so far as to have a hand-written apology. I’ll have to add that to my arsenal. Busy week (despite Lizzie’s absence). And the recently-retired Priest died last Friday, so it’s massive Masses this week. Happy Hump Day!

  4. And… your children will be the only ones who know that behaving like brats (even if just barely crossing the line) is not appropriate. They will be the only ones who do not feel entitled. They will be the ones who make society work. So good for you. Wear that title proudly and know that your children are better for it (they might even appreciate it at some point in their life)

  5. trek

    Yeah, lots of parents want to say, “oh, not *my* little darling”. Even though you are sure that the behavior happens in the home, too.

  6. Rae

    My meanest mom in the world did something similiar to me…. and I still haven’t forgotten it. I like to think that the pain and agony that she put me through made me a better person….. I had to sit in the principals office all day while the “other girl that started it” went shopping…..

  7. Gillian

    Hello Heide, long time no comment. This is the first time I have commented for a while. I, as a retired teacher, think what you did was wonderful.
    My dad was a headmaster so no-one at home ever believed me. The teacher was always right.
    I know as a retired co-ordinator that many teachers don’t always get it all right. You can always tell the difference between INDIGNATION and INJUSTICE when your own children are involved when you are as open minded as you are
    Much love

  8. your child? disruptive? I’m sorry but I just can’t believe your child, nay, your school or anyone in it is all *that* bad. It’s very nice of A2 to write the letter and for you to ask her to be responsible for her behavior. But, as a substitute in some of the worst schools in the metropolitan area, there’s a lot a sub can do to make the day miserable or enjoyable, especially in music. I carry cds of appropriate, current music for the primary or intermediate student and always, always have Schoolhouse Rock or good dance tunes like the Cha Cha Slide. If students are rebelling, it’s because they’re rebelling against something or someone. Yes, every person should act with respect and politely but something tells me that’s not all there is to the story…so, yes! I applaud you for being a superb parent and teaching your child to take responsiblity for her actions and to apologize when it’s warranted, but should a sub experience be negative?…never.

  9. oops…happy “enter” fingers…anyway, thank you for doing a nice thing to someone who clearly needed something nice going on. All I can imagine is that poor sub needed some warm fuzzies. I’m sure your duaghter will think twice before falling into the destruction behavior some students thought was just having a little fun again. You’re such a good mom!

  10. The meanest moms have the best kids. ;o) At least, that’s what I keep telling myself when I get dubbed the meanest mom ‘EVER’ (which is pretty often…hehe)

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