Happy, happy Friday!

Doing the Friday Happy Dance over here!  As the end of the school year looms on the horizon the weeks are crammed more and more full of after-school activities, field trips, reports, tests, etc. Even my sure-fire system is failing. My “system”, a.k.a. feeble attempt at organization, consists of a HUGE dry erase board with a calendar. Each of my daughters has her own clipboard which hangs from a hook at the bottom of the white board. All assignments, notes, etc. are put on the individual clipboards. In addition, each family member has his or her own color of dry erase so appointments, etc. can easily be singled out. It should and would work perfectly if not for the fact that I’ve failed to update the calendar since March and papers are in a jumble on my scanner instead of separated onto the clipboards. I need an organization intervention!

Today the temperatures are supposed to reach the lower 90’s. Just two days ago we were in the upper 50’s and it was raining. The sad excuse for a garden I’d started is now withered away to nothing unless you count the dandelions. Sorry mom, I didn’t inherit your green thumb. Too bad dandelions are a viable fuel source.

Kathleen has graciously asked me to test knit her adorable Pixie Hat. Yesterday I sat down, cast on and proceeded to leave out a very important detail. The directions are clear and make perfect sense, I just totally missed one of the rows which included the all important increases. Duh. Sorry Kathleen. Can I blame it on the weather? Do they make short or blunt tipped needles for those of us who are special needs knitters?

Did I mention that I’m happy that it’s Friday?  Whoo hoo to sleeping past 5:30 and to maybe, possibly getting it together enough to survive until mid-June. Cheers!

p.s. If you spin then you need to check out this Etsy seller’s store.  Her roving is positively stunning!




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5 responses to “Happy, happy Friday!

  1. Organization is a myth. The only organized people I know are unemployed or single. Don’t buy into it. As for your garden? Farming is a gamble. You have good years and bad. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it;-) The Pixie hat is absolutely adorable. So grrly. And, finally, YAYAYAYAY, it’s Friday!!!!
    P.S. That Etsy store is amazing. Drool

  2. Oops. Forgot to wish you a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Take care, kiddo!

  3. You could always make dandelion wine… ;o)

  4. I can’t believe how fast you finished the hat! I’m so happy that you like the pattern.

  5. MOM

    Dear Heidi Dandeloins are very nutritious…all you have to do is disguise them…Love Mom

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