Feasting on Crazy

This week’s daily menu… a whole lot of insanity topped off with large helping of chaos for dessert.  On the agenda the girls have daily musical rehearsals, middle school orientation, a culture fair presentation, Star of The Week poster w/pictures, etc., wardrobe shopping for upcoming musical, parent meeting for upcoming musical, half days for conferences and the things mom can’t remember. Next week will be even more insane. All three girls have field trips, the oldest has musical practices until 8:00 pm (parents will need to serve dinner to kids there), there’s a math carnival and the afore-mentioned musical performances begin… all crammed into four fun-filled days.  On one of those nights we’re supposed to meet with an insurance agent and there are some other grown up engagements as well, but I can’t remember what they are because I didn’t write them down thinking that I’d have no problem with forgetting about them because they were important.  My work hours have changed too.

In addition to this, the house is a bloody disaster. A typical morning routine consists of rooting through the pile of clean, but unfolded, laundry in the living room in search of daily attire.  Cold cereal has become a necessary staple. Regular coffee no longer provides the revitalizing qualities needed to successfully navigate the morning without forgetting important details.

All in all, we’re good though. No major illnesses, loss of employment, natural disasters, famine, etc. The girls remain intact and accounted for. Obviously no knitting to share. I need to start looking for a summer job because school ends on June 11.  The goal is evening employment or at-home work because we won’t put the girls in day care. Michelle had some really great ideas which I intend on pursuing once time allows. Hope all is well with everyone.



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6 responses to “Feasting on Crazy

  1. Sounds like you’re going 400 mph and headed for a wall. Hopefully, life will slow down just a bit and you can catch your breath in a few weeks, or so. Take care, kiddo. Oh, and your forgetting? Sounds like sensory overload.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with cold cereal now and again! Hope you all hang in there…that is quite a crazy ride.

    Send me your snail mail address so I can send your prize winnings from my contest! You can email it to yogurtandgranola AT gmail DOT com


  3. Ah, yes. The end-of-year chaos. I don’t know why the schools insist on doing everything at once at the end of the year. My schedule looks about the same, though the rehearsals are held during the school day, so no additional shuttlings. I’m working on the heel of sock #2!
    Love, K

  4. Whew, I’m exhausted just READING about all that!! You sound remarkable calm and together as you rattle the list off though. Hang in there, sweetie!!

  5. Well, I got through yesterday’s children’s play-at-the-same-time-as t-ball practice, but barely. They had to call practice early due to high winds and poor DS was there waiting for his ride after everyone except the coaches had gone home. And he forgot that he had food in his practice bag, silly boy! But anyway the play is over.

    Got through piano and guitar lessons today and DH is providing dinner before I go out to rehearsal, so that’s good. And I was supposed to babysit my friend’s kids Saturday for FIVE HOURS (love them dearly but that long of ADHD wildness is a bit trying) but it has been CANCELLED. Woo-hoo! Nothing really terrible schedule wise between tomorrow morning’s dance performance and…Tuesday. Mm. I’m the soloist on Sunday but I’m singing “America, the Beautiful,” easy peasy. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel…am I supposed to go to it or run away?!?

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