Eclectic & Random

There may not be time for knitting, but my camera is with me most of the time so here are some random shots taken this week.  Last week’s record high temperatures are but a memory as the clouds and rain returned. If you squint really hard you’ll see Mt. St. Helens in the background of this picture.  I pass this way to and from work each day.


In spite of the rain, etc. my little Braeburn Apple tree is covered with buds. Most will need to be removed to protect the small branches from breaking and to encourage new growth, but they make me happy just the same.

Each day after school we’re greeted by a familiar sight. N, a young man who lives next door, is met by his kitty, Cassie.  When Cassie hears the bus she runs from their front porch, meowing loudly all of the way. Once she reaches N then she chats away while simultaneously trying to rub, jump and otherwise love on her boy. Once the greetings are over they walk or run back to their house together.

Last night while returning from Middle School orientation I noticed that the Chevron station where I buy gas had raised prices during the day. The cost for regular unleaded is now $4.10 9/10 per gallon!  I took a picture, but then accidentally erased it.  Diesel was $4.58 9/10 per gallon. Unbelievable! We’re definately staying close to home for quite some time.

Finally, here’s a link to an amazing Calgary artist. The kitty armour fascinates me to no end. 



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5 responses to “Eclectic & Random

  1. I had another american idol thought. I’m sure the assignment is over but as a music teacher, I’m still gnawing away at it.

    Another way american idol has changed her personally is that crappy music teachers use it as a way to pretend that they are teaching music.

  2. is it a good sign that I didn’t have to embiggen that picture or squint and I could still pick out the mountain. I miss the NW.

  3. Awww, that’s such a cute story and photo of N. I would walk to work, and my cat Friskey would walk with me. He’d play at the edge of the woods while I was in class, and he’d walk home for lunch with me. My mom would make him stay inside for the afternoon sessions, and he’d greet me like this when I returned. Thanks for helping to bring back that memory.
    As for the gas, I heard on the radio this morning that they were saying that the prices went up literally overnight. It’s really a crime, and something needs to be done about it. it’s extortion!

  4. Dave is right. I know prices of gas are obscene. We are just starting to pay what the going rate is around the world, but, we should not have been hit this hard this fast. And, where was Washington after the Oil Embargo in the early 70’s????? Ooops, sorry. I loved the pic of N and his kitty. That is so dear. Esau hollers like that when she needs attention. I love that you see Mt. St. Helens every day. How cool. And, the apple tree? I cannot wait to see how big your apples get. Love fruit trees! Have a great weekend, kiddo!

  5. =====================
    I honestly am not sure about this one. I have a different point of view. But anyway …

    cheers, Sustain!!

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