Picture-heavy Post

Hey there! We had another busy weekend. Lish and Bruce suprised us with a visit so we all drove down to Portland Sunday morning to see the tail end of the Rose Festival. While there the girls all climbed a diminutive rock wall (they have a climbing wall at their school so they thought this one was “boring” in comparison).

We watched some bicycle riders and skateboarders defy gravity. The most amazing thing about these fellows was that they are all in their upper 30’s to mid 40’s in age. 

We walked around downtown a bit and visited Powell’s. There the girls each picked out a journal for summer writing.

I pulled a few weeds in the garden. The slugs have devoured my pepper plants, leaving nothing but slimy  green sticks in their wake. Darn it all. I usually try to avoid all pesticides, but there are so many of these nasty little guys that I’m considering slug bait. Luckily they’ve left many of the other veggies alone. Some itty bitty little summer squash and zucchini have formed.

Not to be outdone, the fruit has made some early showings too. Green strawberries and tiny little apples are in abundance.

Beets, green beans, peas, green onions, carrots, lettuce and even some spinach have all popped up as well. I love the bright contrast between the spinach plants and the soil.

My tomato plants are in dire need of baskets as they’ve all started leaning.

Knitting WIPs are completed with the exception of one pair of socks. Not having tons of projects on the needles is quite a relief. Now summer projects can be started without guilt about neglecting my UFOs.

Here is the final scarf for A3’s teacher. It is the Palindrome Reversible Cable Scarf  pattern, also found on Ravelry, and it was knitted using KnitPicks’ Swish Superwash  in the Fired Brick colorway.

A2 helped take some pictures of the finally finished Forest Canopy Shawl. The yarn is Erin’s Cinnebar Colorway and you can find/order it over at Mama-E’s Cye-ber Fiber Warehouse. I believe this was from her seasonal solids line. The subtle variations are stunningly beautiful without overpowering the lace pattern.

Finally, I was able to coax our neighbor into modeling the hat I test-knitted for Kathleen several weeks back. Actually, she didn’t need much coaxing as she is quite a ham. The hat is too small for all of my girls. Kathleen is working on larger pattern sizes too and when they’re finished this will be available for everyone. I hope she won’t be angry with me for posting this picture early, but it looked so darned cute on B that I couldn’t wait.

My DH is home again now too. I never said he was gone before this because I don’t feel comfortable advertising the fact when he’s away. His absence is part of the reason for being so tired lately. Another big part stems from a mistake made in our pharmacist’s office. The temperature in the storage refrigerator dropped and all of the medications stored within dropped below freezing.  Freezing destroys the proteins in the shots so for about a week I took useless injections. To their credit, once the error was discovered I was notified immediately and the shots were replaced at no expense. This must have cost them a forture to replace everyone’s medication. It’s taken awhile though to start feeling “normal” again. 

I’m woefully behind in my blog reading. Hopefully I’ll have time tonight to catch up and see what everyone else is doing. Cheers!



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9 responses to “Picture-heavy Post

  1. Great photos! You probably already have heard of this, but I’ll share my one and only piece of NW Coast gardening advice (I used to live and garden in Northern California, way up by Oregon): copper. We used to buy copper tape to tack or nail to some boards around the garden to keep the slugs away. There is some kind of chemical reaction with their slime that keeps them away from the copper – it’s like Superman and Kryptonite. And it’s less “mean” than salt or beer which just dissolve them away. Just a thought!

    Also, thanks for sharing your completed photos of the Forest Canopy Shawl. I’m 90% done with mine but am skeptical about the size since it’s still unblocked and crammed onto the needles (meaning, it just doesn’t seem big enough yet…). It was nice to see the photos of you modeling it to get a sense of how big I’m going for! Thanks!


  2. I’ve heard the copper thing as well, or egg shells, which I tried. Apparently, you need LOTS of egg shells. Sawdust might work, too–anything coarse is like walking on broken glass to us. Though I wouldn’t recommend broken glass. 🙂

    Four more days of school! Gaaaah!! I’m making a list of summer activities to do and I have enough to fill one day a week from now to the end of August. Still looking for more ideas to maybe fill two days a week through the end of August. I’ll post those later.

    Glad to hear that your meds were fixed…though that was an expensive lab error for them! Maybe it was covered by insurance or the maker of the refrigerator…


  3. Your forest canopy shawl is SO pretty! I love it in that color!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    You’ve been busy for being tired. Your FC shawl is beautiful, girl. As is your haircut. Nice pics. The copper tape sounds like a really good idea. Our slugs dry up the minute the sun comes out. Not a big problem here. Your pharmacy sounds amazing and honest (WOW!). How lovely in a time when we feel like we’re being scammed by every other business in the world. I do so love the hat!

  5. Love your shawl – it’s so gorgeous!!! I thought I had purchased that pattern ages ago . . . but it turns out I bought Spring Fling. I have a feeling I’ll be forking over a bit for Forest Path soon though.

    Your baby veggies are so cute!! 🙂

  6. Of course I don’t mind. Your neighbor looks adorable. I will let you know, though, that the pattern is being considered for a publication. Until I get the go ahead I can’t post the pattern anywhere. I’ll update you as soon as I find out more.

    I knew a gardener once who put empty tuna cans full of beer in her lovely garden to combat slugs. Evidently the slugs like the beer and once in cannot get out.

  7. “I never said he was gone before this because I don’t feel comfortable advertising the fact when he’s away.”

    I feel that way, too. Glad the meds got straightened out quickly.

  8. Love your post! All the pics were great. I especially like your shawl – you look fabulous in it. I’m glad you’re feeling better and the mister is back…that has to help.

  9. Slugs? No slugs here!!!! Your FCS came out beautiful and almost puts me in the mood to knit another one. We have 3 baby zukes in our garden as of this morning.

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