The weekend flew by at warp speed. The clouds finally blew over and we’re happy to learn that the sky is indeed still blue.  In addition to blue skies the first batches of 2008 jam are now complete. Canning, making preserves, etc.  always make it feel like summer.  This first batch is strawberry. Hopefully the raspberries will be ready soon too.

Yet another WIP… in the form of Anne Hanson’s Brambler scarf/stole.  This is made with the Maizy yarn given to me by Catharine.  It definitely feels different than many other fibers. It drapes almost like raw silk. I enjoy working with it and hopefully there will be enough for a pair of matching fingerless mitts too.  I’m curious to see how this handles when blocked. Hopefully it won’t stretch or warp.

The reason for the pig on the pie isn’t because it was made for swine, but rather because this is a meat pie made with pork. My family did fight over who was going to eat the head. Sigh. Maybe they’re pigs after all.

Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! My own DH had a special breakfast consisting of flour and sugar deep fried in bubbly fat.  Yup, he’s a real southern boy. Short of bbq, grits and a bottle of Cheer Wine  there isn’t much he likes better than a box of Krispy Kremes.

If you look in the reflection of the restaurant (is this a restaurant?) doors you’ll notice that I’m driving the Toyota Echo instead of the mom-mobile.  Please see top picture for explanation. It’s pretty much impossible to fit all 5 of us into this car at once, but if even one person stays home then we drive “Little Red”.

On the kitty front, Tasha isn’t doing too well. I need to call the veterinarian tomorrow to discuss her health and feasible options. We all love her dearly, but there is no way we can spend thousands of dollars on her. Especially at her age, she’s well over 20 years. Getting old stinks. On that happy note, y’all have a great Monday.



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7 responses to “Random

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I still gasp when I see the gas prices. Makes me sick. Happy dad’s day to B and your dad. I love your Brambler scarf and you have some serious jam! You are a major league canner, girl. As for Tasha? I’m so sorry, but you’ve seen it coming. Maybe they can just make her comfortable, or the decision may have to be made. Either way, my thoughts are with you and your family. Take care, sweetie!

  2. Whoa! And I thought the gas prices were high here in Boston. That’s just wrong. I linked back to this post from my post about gas prices, http://lensonboston.com/?p=383 , but yours are MUCH higher.

  3. We are in the same position with our aged cat. He’s eating very sporadically and not his old sprightly self, but do I spend the meager grocery/gas money on hundreds of dollars of blood work to find out that he’s old? Needs IV fluids every day or some horrific thing? I’m very torn but so far so good, I guess. He ate his breakfast.

    On the gasoline front, I just got bike baskets that hold grocery bags for my birthday so that will happen this week for sure. I really hate getting in the car at all. I want to try to get the kids to bike to the pool (we have swimming lessons now every morning) but I’m not so sure they’ll like riding back again.

    Have a lovely!

  4. Krispy Kremes for breakfast? Sounds like something Pea would love too!!! So sorry to hear Tasha is still doing poorly. 😦

  5. I don’t think you can call it a restaurant unless it serves all the food groups. If it only serves sugar and fat, I think you would have to classify it as a “store”.
    Poor old Tasha–give her a gentle scritch for me!
    I wish I had more options for travel other than the mom-mobile, but almost everything is too far to walk and the kids aren’t old enough to stay home alone or strong enough to bike that far. Maybe Kelly will get that motorcycle earlier rather than later…for now I just have to combine trips as much as possible, though I’m going to splurge on the shop hop trip! My mini vacation!

  6. Blogless Kim

    Please, please, please meet us at Black Sheep Gathering…we almost have Nancy convinced that her first wheel should be a Spinolution Mach 1, or maybe it is me that is convinced?! Better still you might need one…stupid gas prices, can’t even splurge on a wheel when we want to. Sorry about Sasha, she belongs to a wonderful, loving family that will always do what is right by her. Kim

  7. Poor Tasha! yes, getting old sucks. I’m sorry to hear she’s wearing out. ((hugs))

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