While growing up camping was the vacation of choice for my family. For years I’ve had many fond memories of camp fires, fishing, star gazing, and hiking through forests.  But in recent years these fond memories have been tarnished with a healthy dose of reality. True, we enjoyed many beautiful and semi-pristine, natural locations, but driving for hours to get there over un-maintained gravel roads surrounded on both sides by steep crevices and sheer cliffs escaped my early attentions.  Sleeping in tents was thrilling because only a thin sheet of nylon separated you from the great outdoors. It was as close to nature as one could get. Now fears of ax-wielding psychopaths, and the fact that only a thin sheet of nylon separates you from the afore-mentioned wildlife now instill paranoia rather than excitement.  But these hazards (imagined or real) could easily be overlooked in order to provide my girls with fond childhood memories… personal discomfort can not. This may be way more information than any of you need or want to know, but I need to use the bathroom several times during any given night.  Trekking great distances over uneven terrain to use public restrooms, or worse, outhouses, sounds less than appealing.  And I doubt that other campers in the vicinity would like to be awakened to loud profanity spewing forth from a middle-aged woman who stubbed her toe on a log.  In addition to the late night excursions there is the issue of sleeping on the ground. Sleeping on the ground is fine if you’re under 25 or so. I’m 40.  I don’t do the ground without serious consequences.

Why am I bringing all of this up?  Because my daughters have wanted to go camping for several years. My Dh does NOT camp, fish, etc.  Ever.  So the girls and I went camping. Here they are at bedtime in the tent. We read lots of books instead of telling ghost stories.  Everyone used the bathroom several times before zipping up for the night. They all shared an air mattress and I slept on a foam pad (that’s my knitting bag next to A2 & Stitch). We ate S’mores… okay, so we ate the chocolate bars and decided to save the graham crackers and marshmallows. Nobody fought at all or cried and we all had a fairly good night’s sleep with only one trip to the restroom and minimal mosquito bites.  With 2 cups of coffee and a dose of Advil I’m not even that stiff. We’ll definately try this again. 

Oh, the campground. It was rustic, but close to home. 

Very close.



This is the back deck off of our bedroom.  Hey, one step at a time folks.  I’m not supermom.

While downing my second cup of coffee I noticed that one of our houseplants is blooming. I have no idea what this plant is called. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that it’s dying, etc.

Last night while the girls giggled and read in the tent I finally finished up a pair of socks that has been on the needles for way too long. These are intended for a friend who has very small feet (size 5 1/2 or 6).  I’m very apprehensive because there is no way to know if they’ll fit until after she receives them. There are no Cinderellas in this house to try them on for size.

I’ve joined Cindy in spinning for 10 minutes per day. Yesterday I squeezed about 30 in total between laundry cycles.  I’d love a few more bobbins, but those suitable for use with the Woolee Winder cost over $30.00 each, not including the $8.00 for shipping. If the Woolee Winder guy is in Eugene at BSG this weekend I’ll see about getting one there. The “plan” is to drive down with A1, early Saturday morning, meet up with A1’s friend, wander around, meet up with the East side crew and then come home in the late afternoon. 

Time for more Advil and I still need to pack up the camp site. Cheers!



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11 responses to “Camping

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    What fun! I am also NOT a camper. I need and want indoor plumbing and clean sheets. I’m a wuss. Pure and simple. Still, your girls looked like they had a blast and you sound like you enjoyed yourself, too. I love the socks. They are so pretty. And, good for you on the spinning. I do not have a Woolee Winder, so I have bobbins. I just don’t fill them very fast, ya know? Take care, kiddo!

  2. Great campground! My family did a lot of camping when I was a kid, too, and like you, the memories are great. But they did involve a lot of rain. And cold. And bits of sticks and leaves in the hot chocolate. One camping trip I took included sleeping in a mummy type cold weather sleeping bag on top of snow. Heat was in the form of a big rock fished out of the campfire, wrapped in a towel, and stuffed in the bottom of the sleeping bag. Yosemite was so worth it!! Hope you have many more fun camping nights!

  3. I’m 100% not a camper either. Even the back deck is too far out for me. If we were meant to sleep outdoors – no one would have invented hotels. 🙂

    It does sound like a lot of fun though. 🙂

  4. Hilarious! I love your camp site. Very “rustic” indeed. 🙂

  5. Now, I love camping, when I’m not in charge of the food. But backyard camping, now that sounds good. I have the tents, I have the yard, I have the kids…I think we will join in the fun! It could even be a sleepover with more kids, right? And I can sleep in the bed with the window open, yes? I’ve asked the children and they say no. WTF? Maybe I’ll sleep outside and they can pretend they’re home alone! Thwarted. Apparently it has to be someone else’s back yard. More problematic. Ho hum.

  6. So funny! I think we’ll have to send our girls out to Circle O campgrounds!
    Cute socks! When I finish the sunflower socks, I’ll have to try that pattern–can you email it to me?

  7. I’m hoping the WooLee Winders are at BSG too. I need to win the lottery right before I get to Eugene with all the stuff on my wish list. See you Saturday!

  8. I’ve had a plant do that before. my mom called it a Chinese Evergreen.

  9. Rae

    okay that’s it! You are officially going to go camping with me. In the mountains, with a campfire, tents, cots, camp trailer, camp cooks, fishing, etc….. There is two weekends in July that we are going. You could meet us….. The girls could sleep in tent with radio (like Huba) & you can sleep on the kitchen table bed in the camper (2 steps away from potty)….. Then I’ll have a knit partner and someone to talk with too!!!! I’m talking to DH tonight!!!

  10. Jessica

    The woolee winder guy will be in Eugene. . . I’m looking forward to seeing you there. As for camping I love sleeping on the ground, but we did the same thing with the dogs before we took them camping away from home.

  11. Tara says the plant is a calalilly. Mine is blooming, too. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t stop by Saturday night–we passed through town and waved at your exit. Working on the shop hop blocks!

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