Lessons Galore

This morning the girls all had their first tennis lessons, thus presenting a prime opportuknitty to work on some new socks.  They had a great time even though the wind was blowing and it was quite cold. 

The colors aren’t accurate in this picture due to overcast skies, a low quality and camera and a crappy photographer. In person they are a lot more purple than blue and the orange and green are quite vibrant. These will be just plain socks because I didn’t want any patterns to clash with the color transitions in the yarn. Mindless stocking net is always perfect for taking the tedium out of waiting while still allowing for casual conversations, etc. Not that I’m good at casual conversation with strangers. I’m kind of quiet with people I don’t know or have something in common with. To complicate matters, many of the parents know a lot about tennis and they were coaching their kids from the sidelines.  I know the balls are yellow, there’s a net, a racket and you hit the ball. Not much of a knowledge base to draw from and I didn’t want to interrupt them by asking lots of silly questions. 

With the long sessions and a little luck the socks may be finished by the end of the week!  If the girls enjoy the tennis lessons then I’ll consider signing them up for the second set of classes. 

After lunch (and a mommy nap) A3 had her first spinning lesson.  She loved it! Her legs became tired after about 10 minutes though so we decided to take a break and resume after dinner.

She’s calling this yarn “Bubble Gum Candy Pop”.

A2 decided to wait on her spinning lessons. She’s more interested in making some needle felted sculptures with her roving.  My only concern with that is that A2 gets so wrapped up in what she’s making that she leaves huge messes. In her creative oblivion I’d hate for one of the needles to go missing. Stepping on one of those would be sure to end any blossoming tennis or spinning careers… and at the very least ruin someone’s day.

The rest is more like a whiny pity session so I put it after the jump so it can be avoided.

The final lesson is mine. Guilt is part of my genetic code. I worry and fret over everything possible to imagine. The ongoing issue of Tasha’s declining health has been hard to endure. She’s very skinny, about 1/2 or her original weight, but she still eats and drinks lots. Her breathing is labored and difficult because of the persistent nasal drainage. We’ve tried antibiotics for over two years, but the symptoms keep coming back. The last round didn’t even provide her with temporary relief. The vet can’t seem to fix her but he makes me feel guilty if I even steer the subject towards euthanasia.  At this point I have to ask myself if this man is milking us for money or if there really isn’t that much wrong with the kitty and her condition is bothering me more than it is her.  After all, these people dedicate their lives to helping animals and even though the bills seem high to us they must be a pittance to him. 

I don’t mean to be gross, but this is what she looks like everyday (picture small so you can disregard), and oftentimes there is more blood, probably due to irritation.  I clean her face at least five or six times a day just so she can breathe.

I don’t have a problem with doing this… at all.  My convenience is not the reason I’ve questioned having her put to sleep. I just don’t know if she’s in any pain or if what is causing this is terminal (Vet still insisting it’s sinusitis) and we should let nature take its course.  I already know that heroic and expensive measures are way out of the question. Not only can we NOT afford them, but she’s 21 years old. 

The lesson I need to learn is to conquer my guilt and not let this guy intimidate me. I do not want to bring her back to his office, but Tasha just had some lab work done (no results back yet). I want to have all of her records, including the most recent lab results, to take someplace else. I don’t know if I have a legal right to the records or if they keep them. Nor do I know if another practice would or could accept them. Anyway, the guilt and stress are really eating at me. I’d love to know without a doubt what was wrong with her health and if we could help her.  I also want to know that IF we put her down that it was for the right reason and it was the right time.  Man, I really need to grow a backbone. Sorry about the rambling and incoherent sentences.



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5 responses to “Lessons Galore

  1. Sorry to hear that Tasha is so sick. If you will indulge my advise, here it is: get a friend/neighbor/tennis parent to recommend a vet and call them for a consultation. Ask if they can request Tasha’s records to be sent over–I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be able to–and perhaps they can review the records, see Tasha, and give you a second opinion. I know it will be extra expense, but if they can give you a more conclusive answer, maybe it will be worth it.
    Good luck to the girls on their tennis lessons! And remember to tell them never to date a tennis player–to them, love means nothing! ha ha ha!
    Love, Karen

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    As a varsity tennis player in school, I can tell you tennis is easy to learn and fun to play and running after the balls is good exercise. A3 looks quite comfortable at the wheel. And, your sock is beautiful. I’m working up the nerve to knit a toe up sock. Take care, girl.

  3. I really sympathize regarding the cat. As I’ve said, we are in sort of the same position, although our cat is about 14. He’s eating much better now, though, and has gone back to some of his cantankerous ways. I feel some guilt about him, but my husband feels worse. I just can’t justify enormous vet bills when we are struggling already to do what we need to do for the humans. It’s so hard to know how to find a balance.

  4. I have a few places I can recommend for you.

    Also know that you have the legal right to your pets records. Go ask for them or call and ask for them to be mailed to you.

    I am sorry to hear about your Kitty’s hardships. I hope you can come to a decision that you have peace with.

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