It’s HOT!

These past few days have been scorchingly hot… at least for those of us in the Pacific Northwest. Three days ago the temperature here reached 99°f and it’s been in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s ever since. Because of this we bought the girls a new pool to splash around in.  The last one was quite large and had to be thrown out because of numerous holes and repairs.

This one isn’t anywhere near as big, at only 12 ft across and 36 inches deep, but they’re happy. And not having a blow-up ring around the top should eliminate the problems with holes, etc. like we had before (mostly from kitties wanting to get out after being set a sail on floaties).

The heat has caused the garden to take off like gangbusters. I really need to get out and pull weeds. We’ve been eating lots of salad but we’ll have to start giving some of it away to keep it from spoiling.

Wool feels sticky and gross right now too so I’ve switched over to knitting with cotton, bamboo and corn yarns.  I need to finish up the second sock and post a picture of the intended recipient wearing them. I’ve written down the pattern and I’ll post instructions for it too (at her request). She’s very excited about having “famous feet” on the internet. I explained to her that the 50 or so people who come here each day will probably not constitute a fan base, but she’s 12 and believes this will launch her into infamy.

Another result of the heat is that A2 finally decided to cut her hair.  It was down below her waist and entirely too long for an active 9 year old to manage, especially during hot, chlorine filled days.  

We have over 12 inches in an envelope on my dresser.  I don’t know if it can be used for Locks of Love or not. I have my suspicions that they get so much hair that most of it ends up being tossed, but I’ll look into it anyway.

Not a lot else happening, we’re just trying to firm up Fourth of July plans, etc. My parents made it home from their camping trip with no bear incidents. Cheers!




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10 responses to “It’s HOT!

  1. Emma did the Locks of Love thing a few months ago. You need to have the hair in a ponytail or braid (before you cut it) and it needs to be 10″ long. Although they say it can take up to 90 days, we sent the stuff back in February and never got any acknowledgement back from them, which is disappointing. Oh well.
    Happy Monday!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Oh my! A pool. How cool is that? I cannot imagine your children putting the kitties on the floats in the pool? How natural. And, the Locks of Love? I have a friend doing it and she says they do use the hair, but often have to blend it. What do I know? I have super curly kinky hair that grows to about 8″ and stops. Take care, kiddo and I love that sock!

  3. wow! Your plants, trees, shrubs all look so wonderful. The weeds do well in my yard 😉 . The pool looks like lots of fun!

  4. PS – for such an active girl, A2 is standing very still and relaxed for that photo! 🙂 She looks beautiful! Give them all hugs from their crazy Auntie Karen.

  5. We’ve done the Locks of Love thing and (as usual) all is not as it seems. They sell the hair and use it for charity purposes but they don’t directly make the hair into hairpieces for cancer patients like we thought. It’s still worth it, but just not in the way one would expect, IMHO.

  6. Wish we could grow vegetables as well as you do!

  7. Hey Heidi!! Email me at or and I’ll send you that ‘supersecret xmas project pattern’!! You gotta love the pools in this heat!!

  8. I am so jealous of your pool – RR says I can have a little plastic wading pool if I *have* to have one. ;op I’m thinking of calling his bluff and putting one in the back yard – and sitting there just as he comes home from work every day with my knitting so he can be jealous of my cool tootsies. ;o)

    I love your garden – it looks very nice!

  9. Loretta

    Hello Hiedi, I saw that A2 had cut her hair. My daughter (Mini) and I visited the hair dresser last week and Mini cut her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. I did view the demo on the Link you posted for LOL, I’m concerned that they will not use Mini’s hair since it was layered. I wouldn’t tell Mini that, she’s very proud to have donated her hair to Locks of Love. By the way, the hair she donated was 17 3/4 inches long. o.o She loves her new hair stlye (short), it was just getting thru the first hair washing in the shower that was shocking to her. Mini’s hair is much shorter than A2’s hair. I have not knitted a pair of socks with the yarn you spun for me nor the yarn you gave me, but when I do I will send a pic. Thank you for the time and effort you put into spinning the woven for me.


  10. Loretta

    I’m stunned to read Wendy’s post on LOL. My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer March of this year. She has gone thru her 4 kemo treatments and is now going to start radiation. My daughter went and donated her hair to LOL assuming that the hair would be used for cancer patients or for little girls that would not be able to grow their hair back. This bit of news is somewhat disappointing to me, but I will be sure that this info is not viewed when Mini is around. Here she comes CLICK!!!!!

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