Apology, Pattern, Rain & Bleeding Accessories

Although descriptive, it’s definitely not a creative post title. However, the time is late, I’m tired and a lot of unrelated subjects must be crammed together.

First and foremost, Bruce, I am so sorry that I impaled you with a knitting needle, I only meant to give you a light-hearted “jab”.  For the record, Knitpicks Harmony DPs are fully capable of drawing blood. 

Second, the pattern for Elisha’s Summer Socks has been typed and can be downloaded in a PDF format from the link in my sidebar… hopefully. If you have any questions about the pattern or problems downloading this then please let me know. At the very least I can email the pattern to you and try to explain what I did.

Here is the second pair of E.S.S.s, this time in a variegated colorway called “Paper Dolls” from Knit Picks.

The hydrangea bush is full bloom too. These socks are for a neighbor.

For the Fourth of July we drove to my parents’ house. While there my sister and her husband surprised us with a visit too. We all laughed as we watched my husband, brother-in-law and dad all three working together to find a new and improved way to set up the badminton net. What could have and should have been a 10 minute job stretched out for almost an hour.

Sorry for the blurred picture, I was trying to be stealthy

Following outside games we went inside for a visit with Grandpa Porgy.

another stealth picture, this one of my sister and BIL

Later that night my DH, the girls and I went to Westport to watch the annual fireworks show.  Crowds were non-existent, which was pretty amazing considering that the holiday fell on a weekend. Unfortunately, a very low cloud cover blocked many of the fireworks. The clouds lit up in pretty colors though and it was almost like watching the Northern Lights.

The next morning was Tokeland’s annual parade.  Rain didn’t dampen my daughters’ spirits as they donned patriotic attire and braved the rain to collect candy from parade entrants. Grandpa (my dad) had crafted some special ponchos, but only A2 opted to wear one. The others were not impressed with designs a’la Hefty.

By the end of the parade they were all soaked through and through. And when the bandannas were removed we discovered that they were NOT dye fast.

That’s what happens when you buy Americana made in China. Strangely enough, even after three days and liberal scrubbing, the dye stubbornly remains on A3’s forehead even though it wouldn’t stay in the fabric.

When the parade was over we walked over to Uncle Wally’s and Aunt Marlene’s for a bbq. They are both artists and it’s always a treat to visit their studio. This is a picture of a print made from a painting of Uncle Wally’s. The subject is the Astoria Bridge between Oregon and Washington.

The following picture is of a new table runner that my Great Auntie Ruth made for my mom’s kitchen.  The blues are really pretty together and I thought this was an interesting pattern.

I attempted to post the pattern for the socks on Ravelry too, but it wasn’t exactly a success.

Hopefully most of you had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Some reports coming in from friends have been far from happy and our thoughts and prayers go out to those folks.



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5 responses to “Apology, Pattern, Rain & Bleeding Accessories

  1. I love reading about your family antics – er, get togethers! They sound so … right. Good for you! And I love the second pair of socks! I’m heading over to the pattern right NOW.

  2. The runner is great – non traditional shape and awesome colors! Fantastic.

  3. Sounds like a great family time! Love the socks…

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    It sounds like you had a lovely 4th. It was glorious weather here, but there is an idiocy with fireworks that frightens and infuriates me. Your socks are beautiful. As long as the wound drew blood, he should be ok;-) Thank goodness skin is a renewable resource:-) And, Uncle Wally and Aunt Marlene are so talented. I LOVE the print! It’s so expressive. Take care, kiddo!

  5. Love Uncle Wally’s print–I’ve been over that bridge and it’s exactly right! Isn’t it crazy to have American flag things made in China? I double-checked and our flag was made in the USA. Whew! I’ll have to download the pattern for the socks–I don’t know if I’m ready for them yet, but I may try it as a challenge when I finish the sunflower socks. I’m still working on the heel flap for the first one. Rosie’s memorial is on Saturday…it’s going to be a tough day. Hope you’re well!
    Love, K

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