The past few days have just slipped away. Because I’m not working this summer I’ve decided to dive headlong into the mom gig.  I bake everyday, do laundry and have even tackled some big cleaning projects. 

The baking is saving us money. Unfortunately, it isn’t conducive to shrinking my ever-expanding posterior.

Another pair of socks is finished and awaiting the next post office trip (later this week). I do enjoy the Eye of the Partridge Heel when using different colored yarn.

My latest sock project is using a coordinating heel and toe sock yarn in the Seasick colorway from Mama-E’s shop.  I’m trying to find a way to “drip” or gradually bring the cuff color down into the main sock body to avoid an abrupt contrast between the pieces.

Yesterday I received a completely unexpected email.  It seems that Susan over at KitKatKnit is determined that I not forget the indignity of another birthday.  Thank you, Susan, I’ve already chosen and ordered some new roving. The folks living on the eastern Washington side of the Cascades Mountains are battling some nasty wildfires right now.  I’m sending rainy, soggy thoughts your way!

Cheers everyone!



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9 responses to “Oops!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    You made chocolate long johns?????? I’m allergic to wheat and I’d eat ’em! I love baking, too. What a lovely way to save money. And, your bread is better than anything you can buy. I love the completed socks and I love the new sock yarn. Can’t wait to see them a little further along. I’m so glad you’re getting more roving! How lovely and I’ll send soggy thoughts, too. Take care, kiddo!

  2. How about stranding the transition? Say you’ve got 64 sts in the round.

    Round 1 – *k3 cuff color (CC), k1 leg color (LC)*
    Round 2 – *k2 (CC), k2 (LC)*
    Round 3 – *k1 (CC), k3 (LC)*

  3. Beautiful socks! And, that bread…mmmmm…..

  4. Is it that time of year again? I always remember your birthday is in mid-July, but I can never remember which day. I’m thinking…17th. Am I close? I have a card for you…I just need to find a 1 cent stamp (grumble terrible things about ridiculous postal increases). Many happy returns! You have also inspired me to do more baking…if only it weren’t so darn hot….
    Hugs, K

  5. Gillian

    Hello Heide and Happy Birthday!
    Thankyou for visiting my new blog. I’m getting more settled in my new home and like you, have time to knit socks and bake bread. I still make jam and chutney too. Relaxing and satisfying. And I’m loving being back in England and seeing all the places and castles and scenery.
    No chance of a wild fire here. It rains every day in this village!!!
    Cheers Gillian

  6. Christy

    OMG – I’m a terrible friend aren’t I…guess I no longer have chemo brain, now it’s radiation brain…I feel horrible that I forgot your birthday, can you find it in your big heart to forgive me???
    Hugs & best wishes to you!!!
    (crawling back to my corner now in shame…)

  7. (Heide’s birthday is almost here so no one missed it yet. Unless you are talking about her birthday in 2007.) Hey girl, which of Liz’s colorways (or way) did you pick out?

  8. lilypily

    Pretty socks!! Wow, you really are the domestic Goddess these days. I haven’t seen homebaking like this for years. :o) I bet they smell as good as the look too.

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