Today I was just going about my business, you know… diffusing arguments before they exploded into full-fledged fights, coordinating dental and orthodontic appointments for children who don’t want to go to either, cleaning cat poop off the walls (don’t ask), making jam and generally keeping busy when my daily trip to the mail box stopped me in my tracks, rendering me unable to continue.  Normally our mail consists of the occasional bill (many now come via the internet), credit card offers and insurance solicitations. Not today. Today we got a key. All of you with mail box clusters know that when your mail will not or should not fit into your box that you get a key that opens one of the large boxes on the end. We seldom get one of the keys and the last time we did it was for quarterly retirement reports that were sent in large catalogs. blech.  Sorry, I digress. Anyway, today when I saw the key I thought it must be another financial statement or a big pile of junk mail. Wrong!  I got a package! From Cindy!

That dear thing went completely overboard and mailed me a birthday package to die for. Inside was a pair of sock blockers!  I’ve always wanted a set of sock blockers and these have made it into my virtual shopping cart on many occasion, but they always came out because of guilt.  In addition to the sock blockers were not one or two, but THREE skeins of gorgeous lace weight yarn.  This will become a shawl.  But that’s not all, she sent wonderful smelling lotion and body wash and a delicious bar of goal milk soap (I can really use this following the cleaning of the cat poop). Cindy also included a lavender sachet, a tin of tea mints and sets of water balloons for each of the girls (they have been filled and they are planning an ambush on some boys from the cul-de-sac). 

And then there are the socks.  Real, hand knitted, squishy, beautiful socks. I am completely choked up at all of the thought, time and talent that went into making these. They fit perfectly, the color is fantastic and best of all… they’re mine!  A1 asked to try them on and I told her, “No Way!”  I’m wearing them now and may never take them off again.

A view from the side shows off the perfectly picked up gussets and the lovely 2×2 (my favorite for keeping socks up) ribbing.

This view from the front shows the lovely color gradations that flow and shift throughout the socks.

Thank you Cindy!  Could you please let me know what this yarn is… it’s to die for.

Between Cindy, Susan and everyone else who’ve not only remembered, but have done such wonderful and heart felt acts I’m beginning to think that this whole birthday  thing isn’t so bad after all.  And I’m serious about wanting to know what the yarn is.



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8 responses to “Speechless

  1. Happy early birthday! I was totally cool with Amelia being born on your birthday – really, I was – but I’m so not complaining that she decided to come today instead. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog today! 🙂

  2. What a great package – and lovely socks! Happy Birthday! :o))

  3. Happy Birthday! Wishing you many many good years ahead. (Friday, isn’t it?)

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m so glad you like it all. I knew the sock blockers would be a hit. We both talked about them during our SP time. I finally caved and got mine and was determined you would have them, too. The yarn for the socks (which look fabulous!) is a handdyed cotton blend I got from an Etsy vendor a couple years ago. I will research it and let you know. I can’t remember right now;-)

  5. What a fabulous package! I wouldn’t let any of the kids near the socks or the yarn: you’d never get them/it back and it could get quite messy over there 😉

  6. How awesome is that!! I’ll have to save your b-day prezzie for next week. I never did find a penny for the envelope. Lizzie went on hiatus again. I’m getting really PO’d about this sonofabitch. I called the dealer and they called the factory who is sending a whole new computer box kit to repair it. Hopefully Kelly can do it here so I don’t have to haul it down to the shop again.
    Happy (early) birthday!
    Love, K

  7. Happy Birthday!! What great gifts you got! Those socks look like they fit like a glove…nice color, too.

    And, believe me….I know how you feel with all that frustrating mom stuff…is it school time yet?? LOL

  8. wow! ditto on the great package! Happy Belated Birthday! We’ve been incommunicado in South Dakota aka The Internet Dead Zone. Hope you had a great one!

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