A Rose by Any Other Name…

I firmly believe that the most effective fertilizers smell the strongest.   Yesterday I applied liberal amounts of emulsified fish fertilizer  to my vegetable garden.  Next to composted chicken manure this is my favorite concoction for growing monster zucchini and tons of tomatoes.  Judging from my neighbors’ reactions of disgust (loud proclamations of “What’s that horrible smell!” etc.) the garden has been successfully fertilized!  I bet they wonder why we don’t put the same efforts into our front lawn or flower beds. If any ever asked I’d tell them that we can’t eat grass and our time, energy, etc. is too valuable to waste.  But that would be assuming that they talked to us. Why is it that the closer you live to your neighbors that the more distant they are?

The water balloons Cindy sent to the girls have entertained them for more than 24 hours. The latest enchantment includes floating them in the pool while swimming, pretending the balloons are jellyfish.

The first of A2’s socks is completed. I’ll cast on the second while at a dentist appointment this afternoon.  She’s so tiny that the socks the hang on her, but I made them with enough room that they would fit her for a few years.

Yesterday I turned some raspberries into jam and a tart (which we ate for dinner, because sometimes dessert just has to take precedence over regular meals).

I’ve had the song, “My Strongest Suit” from Aida stuck in my head all day today.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?



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9 responses to “A Rose by Any Other Name…

  1. Christy

    Just tell those ‘lovely’ neighbors that if they would like you to have a better looking lawn…come on over and maintain it themselves at their time, cost and leisure if its that important to them! Otherwise yes – food comes first! I’m glad my neighbors aren’t like that 🙂

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I firmly believe that fences make good neighbors. I have neighbors on one side that I love and are caring good people. The other side we ignore. It would be nice to have somebody in the neighborhood to watch out for your children and I do think you have that, but besides that, so what? I love fish emulsion and bat guano. Good fertilizers both. The sock is quite beautiful. Bet she loves it. And, jellyfish in the pool? I’m frightened for the girls;-)

  3. Dessert for dinner?! Yay!

  4. Rae

    Hey! Your jams and tarts look so yummy. Makes my mouth water. I love the colorway on the socks~ very summerish colors.

  5. Nice job on the sock top and the preserving.

  6. Can you hear me singing your song???? HBTY!

  7. The jellyfish is an awesome idea! You have some of the cleverest kids I’ve ever known! Cammie has discovered that a kindergarten friend lives in our neighborhood and goes to visit her every day now. Luckily, her mom is glad that Jessie has someone to play with and said she’s welcome anytime. I’ll have to reciprocate so she has time to take a nap with the baby.
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
    Love, K

  8. Gillian

    Lovely load of jam and I bet you made the pastry for the tart too. Socks are yummy as well. You make me feel the need to get beyond second sock syndrome. I have four singles awaiting a mate!
    Cheers Gillian

  9. Traci

    Yum . . .

    Did you have a good birthday??????

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