Post Birthday Reality

Wow, this birthday was surprisingly enjoyable in spite of the fact that I’m now firmly part of the middle-aged demographic group. Not only were there thoughtful and funny cards, but even some surprise phone calls! Which reminds me that I need to return several that were missed.

Mom and Dad drove down for a visit too.  They brought with them and cooked dinner here (excellent food) before making the 3 1/2 hour drive home again.  We had a lovely visit in spite of my hormonal daughter who decided to pout and act like a teenager. She normally doesn’t do this, but experienced sources tell me to expect more of the same.  Strangely enough, her behavior seemed to delight my mother.  Payback, Karma, just desserts, the mother’s curse, you know, “I hope you have one just like you!”… what ever you want to call it, this is nature’s way of preparing us to encourage them to move out someday.   Sorry, I digress.  Dad barbecued pork chops while Mom picked and cleaned beet greens, carrots and beets from the garden.  Dinner was finished off with a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and homemade bread.  Yum!

My younger brother, David, called that morning and during the course of our conversation he reminded me that to check my driver’s license.  Sure enough, it expired, so I made an unplanned trip to the DOL. There I finally did something that’s been needing to be done for well over a decade… I updated the weight and height portion of my license. Many years ago I always wore heels.  That, coupled with an over-inflated sense of stature prompted me to list 5’5″ as my height. Last year’s doctor’s exam revealed that I’m only 5’3 1/2″. As for the weight… I always intended on losing that last 5 to 10 pounds. Now that my gravitational pull as increased instead of decreased I begrudgingly changed that number too.  Honesty may be the best policy, but new numbers combined with a lousy DOL photo have me driving much slower. I’ve no intention of pulling it out for any reason! I look like my dad.  Not that there’s anything wrong with my dad, but I’d prefer to look a tad more feminine, thank you very much!

That evening while searching through sock yarn for a new project I happened across the four skeins of Rowan’s All Seasons Cotton  received when joining their club. The light and summery color screamed out to be a light cotton tank top, and who am I to argue with yarn.  I grabbed the nearest available needles (size 5 Addi Lace), cast on and whipped out a simple little tank top with a diamond motif down the front.  Because of the needle size and yarn gauge it was an extremely fast knit. I was hoping to have enough yarn to echo the diamond motif in an edging around the neckline and sleeve openings, but I’ll have to run down to Portland and buy one more skein to make this happen.  


Only one little problem… it’s too small. Way too small. The tank top would have fit this person  (ghostly image from 17 years ago, courtesy of Karen). 

Well, I’m not ripping it out damnit!  I’ll just either find someone who it will fit or lose weight. Considering how unsuccessful and drawn that whole weight and driver’s license theory went I’d best be checking my Christmas gift list. 

Now off to do some chores before heading south for a day trip. Cheers!



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8 responses to “Post Birthday Reality

  1. I guess that also rules me out as a recipient for the new sweater (whose picture is not showing up for some reason). I gotta go turn off the TV, which has been on for about 5 hours downstairs. They’ve forgotten what summer is all about. Maybe I can pack them a picnic and take it down to the park.
    Love, K

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You “whipped” out a tank? Geez. I can’t whip out anything. And, A1? You are so going to get it now. You’ve only had short visions. Now, you’ll get it and then, when she isn’t a mass of screaming hormones, you’ll be thrilled. I’m so glad you had a happy birthday. You deserved it!

  3. I love the tank top. Very pretty!

    I knit a vest and then lost weight and couldn’t wear it anymore but I couldn’t bear to frog it or toss it so I sent it to a knitter who promised me that if ever she didn’t fit it any more, she’d do the same. 🙂

  4. The tank top is awesome!

    And I love your driver’s license pic…adorable!

    As for weight and height as you get older…I always think that if someone could stretch me up to 6 feet (i’m 5’1″ at the moment), then my weight might be perfect. So, maybe you can just grow another inch or two and you’ll be just where YOU want. LOL

    Glad you had a nice birthday : ) (hug)

  5. heh…I know that driver’s license-reality check, too. My oldest is now at just the right size and seems to be right there when I knit something and realize it’s too small for me and will remain so in this lifetime. She’ll just smile and look at me then say “Thanks, Mom!”

  6. Terri

    * I don’t think that photo is too bad. You look fine to me. 🙂
    * You are still way taller than me (5’2″).
    * Shame about the tank top. Would it fit the hormonal daughter? That might make her smile?

  7. Nice tank top. Ditto what knitwonpurltwo said about whipping up something. That too a garment?! Wow!

    And I thought your driving license picture is very nice. And you look quite feminine to me.

  8. Good luck with the hormonal daughter…mine is about to get a reality check since she won’t *stop* being hormonal. ;o)

    Love the tank! Your picture isn’t too bad, I’ve had worse. ;op

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