Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

Yesterday marked the beginning of a top to bottom cleaning spree which hopefully will be completed by the middle of next week.  To start out, A1 and I gutted the living room, washed the windows and walls (unable to paint due to physical constraints of having cathedral ceilings and no high ladders). Having no place to hide, the dust elephants and cobwebs were eradicated from even the deepest and darkest of corners.


Next I shampood the carpets, stripped the couch and love seat of their cushions’ covers and gave those a good scrubbing and airing out to dry.

While the carpet and furniture dried I pulled a few weeds. The garden is really starting to take off and the zucchini plants now reach my armpits in height.

A large crop of green tomatoes has suddenly appeared as well. My DH wants to fry them and eat them now, but we’re going to let them ripen and if there are too many to can or dry then we’ll start eating them green.

Next year we’re (and by “we’re” I mean my DH) going to run the rototiller over a large portion of the back yard so I can plant a huge garden.

Today the family room is under siege.  All shelves have been cleared, toy bins dumped and decisions are being made about what to leave out for playing with, save for posterity and what to donate.  Tomorrow we start on the attic. 

In the meantime I’ve made plans to sit and knit a little this afternoon to maintain some semblance of sanity before it takes a sabbatical along with my dignity.

I’ve not worn make up in days, my hair looks like a bird’s nest and I’m in dire need of an uninterrupted bath. Cheers!



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8 responses to “Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

  1. (gasp!)
    Is there some hidden reason for all this nesting? I think the only time I’ve done something (and it’s still not as thorough as your job) like this is when we moved.

  2. I fear I am partially to blame…six kids in the house tipping things over, trailing mud through the house, throwing toys and debris everywhere…I send you good thoughts, and hope that you can get a nice long bath soon! Kelly is gutting and reorganizing the garage (horray!). We need to box up and donate all the superfluous stuff to make room for the cars!

  3. oh but you have a clean living room to sit and knit and admire. Go you!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Clean and dust free? I’m afraid not in my lifetime. Unless, of course, I win a lottery (that I would have to play). Yay!!! tomatoes!

  5. Holy crapatoly- just reading that post made me want to take a nap!

    Hooray for you.

  6. You are a far better woman than I, my friend. You deserve not only a luxurious bath but a glass of wine and a bowl of chocolate to go with it. Hope you’re getting some rest. 🙂

  7. Just so you know, I read this when you originally posted it. Them, before posting a comment on what a great idea you had to do such a cleaning thing, I walked into the bedroom for a brief second. And, now, TWO days later, I’ve cleaned and rearranged the bedroom. And bought a new bookcase to put all that stuff that was on the floor. And a ton of other things. Thanks for inspiring me. 🙂

  8. Wow…you are so motivated. Wanna come and organize my house?? LOL

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