Road Trip

Today was my sister’s day off from work so the girls and I piled into the car and drove up for a visit.  Traffic on the way there was light and they enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast to pass the time.

(please note that the picture was taken while I was looking forward and holding the camera over my shoulder, I didn’t turn around… even I’m not that dense)

Once there we enjoyed a rare opportunity to visit with my nephew.  He’s usually in classes (St. Martin’s College) or at work.

(another note to say that E, shown in the first photo, did NOT want to be in this picture. We couldn’t talk her into posing. She’s like my fourth kid,  except that she isn’t a ham)

Being at Jackie’s house with my girls always makes me nervous because she has antiques, artwork and breakables throughout.  Thank heavens there weren’t any casualties during our stay.

We all enjoyed exploring her yard and gardens outside. She has an amazingly green thumb and I left with a severe case of garden envy.

During their explore the girls happened upon a baby bunny.  At first they thought it was dead, but it made a squeal and surprised everyone.  It was so tiny that his/her eyes were still closed. We took turns holding it to try and warm it up.  Further inspection of the area revealed a nest hidden in a pile of brush where two more babies were kicking around. We carefully placed the cold one in with the others and covered them back up.

Because of the state of the nest we’re pretty sure that Lucy, their pooch smelled or heard them and dug them up to investigate. She didn’t hurt them other than the one who had been flung out. She’s not a mean or bad doggy, she was just curious.  Even so, Jackie locked her in the gulag temporarily to keep her from digging them up again. Poor Lucy!

Hopefully the mama bunny came back and moved them.

We also took a walk where we saw a giant ant hill.  When we lived in the Tacoma area these monstrosities were everywhere.  The red-headed variety of ants that build them are mean and hard to kill too.  This particular hill stood well over 3 ft. tall.

Jackie loaded us up with cascade berry and raspberry plants before we left.  Thank you!

About halfway home I started to feel a migraine coming on.  Heavy traffic and aggressive drivers did little to help. By the time we arrived back at our house I crawled straight to bed with an ice pack and painkiller.  As a result I did nothing else for the rest of the day. Luckily it’s subsided into a mild annoyance.

Tomorrow I’ll scout out places to plant my new berry bushes. I’m also going wind the balls and cast on Rivendell in this yarn.

It’s a merino, bamboo blend dyed in the “Man O’ Steel” colorway by Erin. It has subtle shading and should show off the pattern well, while still having some depth and interest. 



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3 responses to “Road Trip

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    OMG! A1????? She looks positively teenaged. I will not comment on the baby bunnies. They are a source of Grover angst, therefore, we shall not speak of them. I can’t wait to find out what the heck a cascade berry is. We don’t have them here. Sorry about the stupid migraine.

  2. As one who is on Day Four of the headache saga, I feel your pain – literally. Hope it clears soon.

    Also hope the little bunnies survive: we like the bunnies around here.

  3. I’ve got a headache, too. Must be a change in the weather. Bleh. On the other hand, your nephew is a cutie! And when did A1 join a gang…? My aunt had suggested pouring gasoline on the anthill. Sure, it’s terribly UN-environmental, but if you want them gone…
    Take care, K

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