Not a lot of progress was made doing “real” endeavors today, but I worked on some fibery pursuits between laundry and other housework.





I finished spinning some heavy singles with the roving from Susan. This may need to be soaked again and blocked using something heavy to relax the little curly pieces.  After trying to spin skinny yarn I have a really hard time making a heavier yarn that is consistent with it’s size and twist.

The newest copy of Rowan magazine arrived.  The patterns in this issue are beautiful, classic and wearable.  Some creations look fabulous on models in certain staged environments, but they just don’t translate well into real life. Many of these would.

In fact, I’m contemplating frogging my Henley Perfected and using the yarn to make this sweater instead (minus the little leaf tab on the collar). I like loose fitting sweaters that end below the hip. They’re more versatile and forgiving imo.

I finished the first 43 rows of Rivendell.  This is a fun pattern to knit, but as the entire sock is charted it would not be a good travel project.

Finally, I tried to be stealthy and catch A3 and my DH playing in the backyard.

I would have been successful too had Bonny not decided to rat me out by meowing loudly and scratching the porch post I was ducking behind.

Once I’d been spotted with the camera they didn’t want to play anymore.  Thanks, Bonny. No special nip for you!



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5 responses to “Progress

  1. Wonderful yarn, and you’ve gotta love The Whack! That’s how I’ve been finishing my yarn, too, against an old cast iron tub. And I do it like I mean it. (Scares everyone here, too. An extra bonus!)

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Lovely. What are you going to knit with your singles? I love the sweater you picked in the new Rowan #44. That was my favorite, too. The others were a bit busy for my taste. And, of course, Bonny ratted you out. She’s a bitch;-) I got one those, too.

  3. I love the photo of the Oaks ‘n Acorns roving on your wheel!! (the golden green against the wood and the blue) Any ideas on a project for it?

  4. Gillian

    Those colours are lovely. I’ve been doing a bit with some dyeing and your colours look similar. Mind you can never trust the colour on digital photos.
    Do you think that the male of the species has a “problem” with being photoed?
    Cheers Gillian

  5. Wish I’d read this post BEFORE I just wondered which sock pattern you were knitting up…lol.

    I just bought the “Eclectic Sole” book and I LOVE it. The Rivendell is my favorite pattern out of that book. Did you see the one with all the holes???

    Great handspun…what cool colors!

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