Be flexible

Yup, going with the flow seems to be the best course of action today.  My Dh had to get up early and go in for drill (National Guard). Rather than waste a perfectly lovely, quiet Sunday morning I arose for some quality alone time.  After pouring the requisite cup of coffee I went to retrieve my knitting bag only to return and find my place occupied.

Not wanting to rudely disturb her Highness I got out the new kitty toy.  I hoped that by enticing her to leave that she wouldn’t be mad at me.  This kitty can really hold a grudge. My girls had begged and pleaded for me to buy her this while at the grocery store because Bonny only had bottle caps and rodents for playthings.

Bonny did NOT like the new toy.  At all.  She jumped up, darted away and then feigned indifference by taking a morning bath.

I think the combination  of the feathers, mouse, etc. were overwhelming so I cut off a set of the feathers.  It was still too much so the others were taken away, leaving only the mouse on the end of the line.  But the line was now too short and needed to be replaced. It was all for naught though, the damage had been done. Bonny wanted nothing to do with this new and scary item.

Guilt prevented me from taking the coveted spot so I sat down else where to knit.  I’d planned on making a second sock to match this one.  This is the Rivendell Sock with a few modifications.  The top patterning of the sock was so lovely that I couldn’t stand leaving the foot plain.  I added a few more “design elements” to the area between the instep and the toe.

But only three rows into the S.S. tragedy struck in the form of a badly fractured needle.

This was completely my fault because I left my knitting on the floor. A2 didn’t see it and stepped on it.  Obviously I’d squandered my quality alone time modifying the cat toy.  The girls were up and about.

Not wanting to dig for a replacement set of needles (two bins down) and not wanting to try to read the charts while talking with the girls (they always chat at me in the mornings) I grabbed some handspun resting on the top of my wardrobe. 

This yarn was made with the intention of creating a loose fitting wrap or cardigan-type thing to wear over a light jacket in the fall.  All was going well until I noticed this.

I’d forgotten that this dye bleeds.  Oh well, since I’m already stained I’ll press on and then give the finished garment a vinegar bath to help set some of the color.

And the cat toy?  It wasn’t a waste after all.  Tasha discovered her inner kitten and enjoyed a good romp with the wand and mouse.

Happy Sunday!



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8 responses to “Be flexible

  1. Holy bleeding sweaters, Batman! I’ve never seen that kind of hand staining before!

    Kelly’s working today. He left before I got up and mentioned it to Emma as he left, but she failed to pass on the message. He meant to go in for just a couple hours, then someone handed him a project that he’s been working on all day…and will likely stay late to finish. Oh well. At least he’s paid by the hour!

    Love, K

  2. How kind you are! I would’ve turfed the cat out of my spot in a flash. ;o)

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday and sweet old Tasha looks good. Darned broken needle!

  4. I lurve the Rivendell Sock! Great to see Tasha playing.

  5. chillsider

    I have come to you via Cheers Gillian blog in England. I haven’t knitted for some years, now I stitch with threads and anything else that will go thru a needle. Seeing your socks really raised the bar for textile beauty.

  6. would like to hear from you if you reach my blog………..

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