Happy Birthday A1!

two hours old


Today my oldest daughter turns 12! We will enjoy a quiet family dinner with a homemade ice cream cake this evening.  Later I’ll take her on a solo shopping trip for back-to-school clothes.  She can’t stand spending full-price on anything and doesn’t like “hoochie mama” outfits so this should be quite an adventure.

A1 has always been happy and she loves to perform in front of crowds of people. There is a long-standing family joke that God put her in the wrong uteris because she looks and acts just like my sister.

The end of this month she enters that dreaded place known as junior high school and hopefully her sense of humor and self-esteem will bring her through it all unscathed and unchanged.  She has wonderful friends and loves math.  She likes to look at boys, but thinks that they’re rather silly as a whole.  Her favorite color is purple and she sings along to anything on the radio.  She’s knitted in the past, but doesn’t really like it as past time (told you, wrong uteris). 


Happy Birthday sweetie, we love you lots!






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11 responses to “Happy Birthday A1!

  1. Happy Birthday A1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve watched you from afar turn into a beautiful young woman! Don’t ever lose your humor or sense of self.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Gosh…12 years! I remember holding you when you were just a tiny little wrinkled up baby, now on the way to junior high! Hope you find some really great deals at the store. Love ya!
    “auntie” Karen

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!!! I hope she has the best year ever.

  4. Hope you have a pink & sparkly birthday!!!

  5. Christy

    Happy Birthday Am!!! We at the Leonard house hope you have a great one. Enjoy your last year as a kiddo for next year you’re going to be a teenager…lol…Sorry Heide, I had to remind you of that one too 🙂

  6. Fi

    Wow! Happy birthday from Down Under. Hope you have a great time shopping with Mum. Gorgeous photos, beautiful girl.

  7. Rae

    Happy Birthday A1! Best of luck in Junior High! You are going to have fun!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank God she doesn’t like “hootchie mama” clothing! Happy B-day, A1 – find some smoking hot sales!

  9. Happy Birthday! You’re Beautiful!

  10. Happy Birthday A1!!! You are such a cutie and hope you had a great birthday!

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