Sell Out

For purely selfish reasons I avoid shopping at certain monster retail store whose name begins with a “W”.  Some people don’t shop there because small businesses are adversely effected or they have issues with employee treatment, etc. My reasons are much more superficial and petty. It’s always crowded, it smells awful and just being there leaves me feeling dirty.  People are forever telling me now much money I could save if I just put my “issues” aside, but I remain stubborn as a mule firm in my beliefs. That being said, I must admit that I sold out for $.05 spiral binders, $.22 crayons and $.10 packages of lined paper.   We needed school supplies for the girls.  Lots of school supplies. The price differences were so dramatic that I felt that I’d be making our family budget suffer by not going.  Yes, I’m trying to justify my decision.

We need a few more things, but we can get those later at the grocery store.

Cheap prices weren’t my only sell-out this week.  Proclamations of never using our backyard “pool” because even with lots of chlorine, “pools are like large vats of human soup!” had me eating crow as the temperature soared to 98° F.  Of course the water wasn’t near as gross as it could have been though because Sunday the entire pool was drained, cleaned and fresh water put in.  That water is cold!  Thanks to an opportunistic daughter you all have the “privilege” of seeing my surprised face after a partial submersion.


Finally, there used to be a time when birthday parties at our house meant hiring people to bring in ponies for rides, or re-creating Hogwarts complete with classes for a Harry Potter themed party.  The days of extravagant parties are long gone. And although I did prepare the birthday meal, I shirked my motherly duties by awarding A3 the honor of decorating her big sister’s cake.

A1 was excited to receive so many birthday wishes and she said, “THANK YOU!” to everyone.  The shopping trip yielded few items, but she had fun looking. She decided to save most of her birthday money.

Today isn’t as hot as yesterday, but I’m thinking that maybe another dip in the pool is in order.  What the heck, I’ve already sold out. Cheers!

P.S. no new knitting 😦 



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7 responses to “Sell Out

  1. I totally understand that sellout feeling. For a while, I stopped shopping at any place that provided less than stellar customer service, but then I realized that I would no longer be eating…nor would I be wearing clothes, playing games, driving cars, fixing up my house…did I already mention eating? Customer service seems to be as extinct as the dinosaurs…at least here in the greater Boston area. I did the same with restaurants and now everyone gets mad because we have no place to go at lunch time. Is my whole comment based on me missing some meals. I don’t know. 🙂

  2. My computer is getting really hot, so hopefully I finish typing this before it caves. I fly out tomorrow at noonish and I am happy to report that the weather forecast for my destination is about the same as it is here. Thank God. I plan on visiting some favorite haunts and just plain goofing around. Without kids. Woo-hoo! It’ll be another 10 years before I can do it again.

    I’m glad A1 had a great birthday. I hope we can get together again soon! Mi casa es….uh….not an espanol-speaking casa. Come over anytime!
    Love, K

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Big birthdays are for babies;-) My nieces have always decorated each other’s birthday cakes. Means more, I think. As for the W*lm*rt issue? T*rg*t is the same price and cleaner and less political. I don’t like either, but I also refuse to pay full grocery store price for detergent, toothpaste and other amenities. I’m cheap that way;-)

  4. Terri

    Not selling out, just being practical and sensible – a mother. 🙂 You can go back to your principles when you only have to justify the price to yourself. Enjoy your summer – it’s very cool here today but I can see signs of spring beginning everywhere so I know it can’t be too far off. Which means of course, your autumn can’t be too far off either. 🙂

  5. Fi

    Saving on school supplies = more money for yarn supplies. Some times it is ok to be just plain practical. Oh, and I’d let you roll in my lovely new yarn in your swim suit 🙂

  6. martha

    Hi there, I came across your blog via links. I completely agree with your views on the Olympics and China and plan to boycott the entire event this year, too. A couple of months ago I watched a documentary on PBS about China and the effects the Olympics had on the people. I was horrified. I was already aware of their mistreatment of, basically, humans, but once you see this film, it leaves you baffled.
    Thank you for wording your concerns so eloquently.
    Regarding the retail store that begins with a “W”, I fully understand the rudeness and dirty store issues. Fortunately, the store near me isn’t as bad, but I do try to time my visits. I avoid shopping at the store after 3pm on weekdays, if possible and after 12pm on weekends, if not I’m asking for it. People can be rude, selfish, and pigish.
    On a positive note, I’m glad you got a great deal on school supplies. Don’t you just love the smell of new crayons? I love the first day of school.
    thanks again

  7. Marion

    I’m not watching the Olympics either. I couldn’t believe that China actually got them in the first place. It’s all about money! China will probably own America soon the way this country is going. Over a trillion dollars of debt! As for the “W” I had to go there 2 Christmas’s ago just to get something one of my kids wanted and that was the only place that had it. After the experience I felt like I had to go to confession. Of course the prices are cheap; they get the stuff from China. maybe…

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