A Wonderful Time Was Had By All

Yesterday we drove down to Beaverton to visit our dear friends, Dan & Zoe.  Dan and my DH revert to juvenile antics when around one another.  It’s like having a couple of big kids.  Zoe and I escaped to her sitting area to visit while the girls enjoyed exploring their lovely back yard.

A3 took this picture of the lovely Zoe.

The food was amazing and plentiful.  Heaping plates left everyone feeling very full so the girls,  Zoe and I decided to take a walk before attempting dessert.

Their beloved pooch, Riley, happily joined us on our trek. Beaverton has created wonderful trails which meander throughout many of the neighborhoods.  They run along the easements too so should the city need to do any work the area is accessible without having to tear up peoples’ yards.  What a great planning job!

Enchanting views and smells along the way made it feel like a walk in the country rather than in the busy suburbs. 

Eventually we found our way to a neighborhood park where everyone enjoyed a good romp.

A3 stretches her ever-lengthening arms and legs.

A1 stops playing long enough to strike a “dignified” pose.

Do not adjust your monitor, A2 is indeed holding herself sideways.  She can stay up completely perpendicular for about 10 seconds, but my camera is slow and I caught her on the way down.

Even Riley enjoyed the wiggly and bouncy playground bridge until a big, fat squirrel caught his attention.  These squirrels were HUGE.  They looked like small house cats as they scampered from branch to branch overhead.

After our stroll we returned to the house and feasted on delicious homemade blackberry cobbler. The visit lasted well into the evening before we finally peeled ourselves off the furniture for the drive home.  The great food and even better company left everyone sleepy and the girls voluntarily went straight to bed afterwards.

My DH cleaned this morning’s harvest,

which included these rather pornographic tomatoes.

Snort, giggle… I guess that I’m about as immature as Dan and the DH after all.

I finished another sock for the Christmas pile and its mate will be started this evening.  The beads were added simply because I had them and they matched.

A message on our answering machine confirmed our suspicions that my DH’s brother, Bruce, has chosen once again to stay in New Orleans rather than evacuate.  The first time he said he didn’t want to leave his animals.  That’s understandable. As the powers that be are allowing animals to come this time I’m not sure what his reason is for staying behind.  He’ll be fine though, he’s one of those people who comes through everything unscathed.    

In the meantime, I hope that everyone down that way will be safe, in spite of the pitiful levee reinforcements that have occurred since the Katrina disaster.



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6 responses to “A Wonderful Time Was Had By All

  1. Beautiful socks! Looks like you had a wonderful time. And, your harvest is amazing and I giggled at the porno tomatoes, too;-)

  2. What breed of tomatoes are those? Keep the seeds…maybe it’s a new hybrid. Male Tomatoes.
    I’d wish Bruce luck, but it seems he has that in spades. Just like my XBIL.
    Good luck and God speed to the other Bruce–hope he returns quickly and in one piece.

  3. Love your veggies – even the (erm) phallic ‘maters.

  4. We must have more in common than our names… I laughed so hard at those tomatos I almost pee’d my pants – yes I am wearing pants… no more kids for a while!! LOL

  5. I think A2 should be in the Olympics!!

  6. Gorgeous roses – love the ‘happy’ tomatoes. ;op

    Hope your BIL made it through okay…

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