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No more zucchini posts. I felt so guilty after the pie incident that rather than continue trying to disguise and subsequently foist them off on my family I packed up a load and left them on the lunchroom table at work.  All have gone to new and loving homes. 

Our transition from summer to autumn was virtually non-existent.  Leaves are changing and the morning air is quite brisk. Most of the vegetables have been harvested, with only a few stragglers popping up here and there. Now all that remains to be done is the garden clean up and storage until next year.

Towards the end of the season the weeds grew unchecked, leaving quite the tangled jungle.

This past week a package arrived from Lisa (who incidentally confessed to slipping her extra zucchini into neighbors’ unlocked cars) with a skein of stunningly beautiful handspun yarn. I’d won a contest on her site for correctly guessing the owner of a home, based only on a picture of the front gate. Intentions of immediately taking a picture of the yarn and posting it for all to admire fell victim to impatience. Instead of the yarn here is a picture of the hat made with Lisa’s yarn.

I love the way the colors gradate from magenta to lavender.  I had some hand spun of my own that serendipitously picked up where the purple tones in Lisa’s yarn left off, so that became the rolled cuff of the hat.  Sometime earlier (can’t remember when for the life of me) I’d knitted a muffler with the same hand spun.  It still needs buttons, but A1 volunteered to model the ensemble as is. 

There are now 4 1/2 knitted items for the Christmas box!  A1’s volleyball games begin on Tuesday and continue at the rate of two per week for the next several months.  On the 18th A2 and A3 begin Chess Club.  The scheduling is tight, but we should survive.  Hopefully the holiday knitting will continue to add up in spite of our activity.

We’ve decided to not participate in the PTA fundraiser at school.  I’d rather just write a donation check. The coupon books being sold are only good locally and all of our family lives far away. All of the neighbors have children who are also selling the books.  We will not knock on strangers’ doors or park ourselves in front of a grocery store either. I can’t and won’t choose one child to buy a book from, nor will I ever use the coupons from one book, let alone three of them.  On another note, I always find the carnival-style assemblies presented to the kids by the fundraiser sponsors to be offensive.  It’s not that I mind my kids helping to support their school, nor do I have any qualms about donating to the PTA monetarily. However, the pressure put on the kids to compete with their peers and outsell them annoys the crap out of me.  Those kids whose families cannot afford to buy these items, or do not have an adult to help them sell because of work conflicts or disinterest are left completely out. Inevitably some parents take their kids’ fundraisers to work and pressure co-workers to buy items too.  This behavior on the part of the parents reinforces the competitive nature of these sell-athons.  And all so their child can win the coveted trip to McDonald’s in a limousine.  I’ve explained to my girls that I will write a check to the PTA and then take them to the Dollar Store to pick out whatever twirling flashlight gizmo that was the token prize for selling $100.00 worth of books.  End of rant. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Cheers!



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6 responses to “No title

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Love the hat and muffler. A1 is a lovely lovely model. Your garden looks better than mine. Seriously. I’m looking at it trying to figure out if I started a fire. A. Would it burn? B. Would it spread? Of course, I will choose the hard labor clean-up. As for the selling for PTA or school? I so agree. In these hard times, it’s getting harder to find anyone who can afford to buy these things anyway. Your time is full now, isn’t it?

  2. I completely agree about the PTA fundraisers. They give the big assembly and my 7yo desperately wants to go to the big party in the limo, but I don’t have $100 to donate, nor an office full of people with disposable income to hit up. Plus with 2 it would be twice as much (since we couldn’t have one go but not the other, sheesh!) Last year we decided only to hit up people for Girl Scout fundraisers and that worked out fine. Cookies sell well anyway and that way we haven’t worn out our welcome when our girls are trying so hard.

    On top of that, the big “limo” trip last year was a trip to the local Chuck E. Cheese (a gambling establishment) where they had one slice of pizza, one game and came back. Big woop.

  3. I hate those stupid fundraisers, I would much rather right a check, and that is normally what I did when my kids where in school.

    BTW, I thought the zucchini pie was hilarious and I do not think you should feel guilty about it. I wish I had thought of it. 🙂

  4. Maybe it should have been called Z’apple pie?

    I agree with you on fundraisers, too. They sell magazines every year and because the girls have a designated uniform, one of the other incentives is “free dress” coupons for that one day a month that it is allowed. When looking at the prize chart, they only allow a max of 7 coupons to be earned, and there’s 10 months in the school year. And the kids are getting rewarded for the parents doing all the selling–like my 6 year old knows how to email all her relatives! She can’t even spell her name correctly (the big legal one…she spells it “Cammillie” or “Cammllie”). I don’t let the kids sell door-to-door or camp out in front of the grocery store (like we have that kind of time anyway!) and my parents live in a foreign country, and the magazines won’t ship there (funny, it says “No Canadian or Foreign addresses” …um… isn’t Canada technically foreign?). I’ve sent in my comments to the school office, but haven’t gotten a response. I think they’re politely ignoring me.
    Love K

  5. Good for you for foregoing the fundraiser – personally, I hate being forced to buy crappy chocolate/wrapping paper/popcorn and I’d be much happier to just hand over $5.

    Glad to know I’m not the only gardener that lets the weeds slide this late in the season. ;o)

    Cute hat/scarf ensemble!

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