Yesterday evening while picking some vegetables for a stir fry I noticed Bonny nearby.

“I’m a mighty hunter and this isn’t a piece of grass, it’s a giant anaconda!”

“I bited that snake’s head and now I’m wrestling his body.”

“Mom!  You’re interrupting a private moment.”

“I’m ignoring you. La, la, la, la…”

She’s such a funny little kitty.

Miss Penny sent me a wonderful pattern for the “Bluebell Cardigan” for guessing closest to the number of miles she took on a summer trip to Montana.  The sweater is beautiful and I can’t wait to cast on.  Penny is part of the Eastern Washington Knitting Gang. She has an amazing knack for matching up patterns with the perfect yarns. She also cranks out sweaters faster than I can make a pair of socks.  Thank you Penny!



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7 responses to “Caught!

  1. I love it, while picking some vegetables for stir-fry!

  2. Love the sweater pattern. And, Miss Bonny? Silly little girl. I do love the pics. What ended up in the stir fry? A little unintended meat perhaps?

  3. At least you have some vegies in your patch. All I have is weeds. Never mind, maybe next year. I shall make the effort!!!
    Lovely hat and muffler. The colours are gorgeous and I agree with you, totally, about school fundraisers.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. Funny cat!!! And I was just admiring that pattern in my Webs catalog. Can’t wait to see it on your needles. (But no pressure, really – I can wait!!)

  5. Bonny’s a beauty! (and that anaconda episode left her with those anaconda catcher eyes…). What a beautiful hat you made! That yarn was the single ply sampler for what Pogo’s fiber looks like spun up. I LOVE her yarn! AND her fiber!

  6. Jazzy gets that same look when I interrupt her antics. ;o) Congrats on winning!

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