Family Appreciation

Saturday the Air Guard base hosted a family appreciation day. The organizers went all out and created a fabulous, kid-friendly atmosphere.  Fenced perimeters with id checks to get on base, open fields and lots of Security Police allowed us a rare opportunity to let A1 and her best friend roam unsupervised with hourly check-ins. I usually never let the girls out of my sight, much to the embarrassment and annoyance of my 12 year old.

A2 and A3 still needed chaperones so my Dh wandered off with A3 and I took A2 on adventures of her choice. While meandering we spotted A1 and her friend, E, taking on a teenage boy in the “Beat the Snot Out of Your Opponent” arena (obviously I don’t know what this thing is really called).

Whoever this fellow was, he either under estimated them because they are girls or else he was letting them land some good blows intentionally because they really nailed him a few times.

Throughout the day there were a variety of performances, including Irish Cloggers, several singing groups and dancers with a drum hosted from the Warm Springs Confederated Tribes in Oregon.  The latter was my favorite. Each dance’s history and the different dancer’s attire’s meaning was explained for everyone. A2 participated in the friendship, circle dance.

Following the dancing we ran into everyone from our wayward group inside the air-conditioned petting zoo tent. I’ve no qualms with confessing that the cool shade prompted me to linger and feign more interest in the animals than was truly felt. A2 had no complaints though as she loves her critters.

That afternoon the girls all had their faces painted, played games and managed to come home with bags full of kites, water bottles, pencils, toys, candy, dog tags and lots of other miscellaneous treasures.

By the time we slogged our way back to the parking area everyone was exhausted. Don’t you just hate it when somebody parks sideways and takes up more than one spot?

It wasn’t until during the quiet ride home that I realized that not once during the afternoon had I even thought about pulling out my knitting.  Because of the day off not all of the laundry made it through the wash cycle and some other chores went unfinished too.  But the down time felt good.

A3’s eye is much better now, although she still looks like she has a shiner and we endure lots of staring and even rude comments while out in public. And one pair of socks did manage to make it off the needles in spite of the interruption.



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5 responses to “Family Appreciation

  1. Sounds like a great day and it was beautiful, too. I’m glad little one’s eye is getting better. Don’t you just love people?? Nah, me neither. I love the socks.

  2. Laundry can wait – these things are more important.

    Poke the rude people with your knitting needles – they’ll stop staring and muttering.

  3. I like trek’s suggestion. ;o) Glad to hear her eye is getting better (I’m still catching up on blogs from when I was away…sorry I haven’t commented in forever).

    It sounds like a great day was had by all – and I hope that guy got a parking ticket! ;op

  4. With all the military police around, you’d think someone would be monitoring the parking situation. 🙂 Sounds like fun! I frogged the sock. I have another plan in mind, but it’ll still be an experiment. See? I’m getting more adventurous with the knitting!

  5. Roxie

    Wish I could have been there, too. It looks llike SUCH fun!

    Just remind your dear one that when people stare and say rude things, it’s not because they want to make her feel bad. It’s because they are so stupid and thoughtless that they don’t realize it will make her feel bad. It’s not malice, just ignorance.

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