Laid Back in Pajamas Kind of Weekend

Slow and relaxing best describe our activities these past two days.  Usually we have at least one extra child to care for or some major social event that leaves us all exhausted by Sunday evening. Not only did we not have extra children, but on Saturday night my two eldest spent the night at various friends’ houses, leaving us with only one lonely waif. Actually, she wasn’t lonely. A3 thoroughly enjoyed, “Not being annoyed” by her sisters. The two of us knitted while watching a kid friendly movie. She worked some more on her “Bubble Gum Candy Pop” scarf made with her handspun from this summer.

I dug out and finished up the last little bit on these hiking socks.

After she went to bed I watched a strange movie called, Donny Darko.  It was definitely not child appropriate, but then again, there were no children present.

Miss Tasha managed to get poop all down her side so she had a bath yesterday. For an old kitty, she sure is strong. Over the past month or so she’s taken to pulling out large clumps of fur. The bath and blow drying revealed bald spots in various places.  Luckily she’s a very forgiving creature who didn’t hold a grudge for more than a few minutes.

One of my co-workers is a newly recruited knitter. While questioning her about her knitting preferences she told me that she loves metal, straight needles. What providence since I’m unable to use them, yet am in possession of quite a few pairs. Not being one to miss out on an opportunity I cleaned some needles out of my wardrobe for her.  More will be headed her way once I locate them.

A2 returned home about mid-day on Sunday and was excited to discover a Nintendo DS Lite waiting for her. I absolutely refuse to buy any gaming systems (although the Wii does have its appeal) for my girls. Part of this reluctance stems from me wanting them to be physically, socially and mentally active. Another reason I’ve black balled games is because of the countless hours my DH spends playing on his computer. Anyway, A2 really, really wanted one of these hand-held game systems so early in the year we made an agreement that she could have one IF she saved up her money and bought it herself. A birthday check from Grandma and Grandpa on Friday helped her surpass the necessary savings. While she was away at her friend’s house I picked it up, charged it and had it ready to go.  This is all we’ve seen of her since. It’s even blue, her favorite color.

This morning A3 progressed some more on her scarf.

Finally, I dusted off Ol’ Blue and spun a few yards of alpaca/wool blend. Yes, I’m still in my pajamas, I’m wearing ugly reading glasses and have bad hair in the picture. But it’s not like we expected the queen to drop in for tea and biscuits. 

I just had a phone call from Michelle who is in town with her husband for the Journey concert tonight.  Journey is one of my all time favorite groups, but I confess that I’ve not heard them with their new lead singer. The venue is only about a mile from our house so getting to see her should be relatively easy (barring the messed up road blocks and detours). Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

Update: A1 and I met up with Michelle and her husband at a local Starbucks. Happy birthday Russ! Torrential downpours at our meeting place just about a mile away left us soaked through and through. The weather changes very rapidly and very drastically here. We had a good visit in spite of the dampness.  My eldest was fascinated with Michelle’s lovely green eyes. Everyone in our family just has plain old blue, so A1 considered Michelle to be quite exotic.

Hopefully the rain will let up throughout the duration of the concert as it’s outdoors.  I hope that they have/had fun.



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4 responses to “Laid Back in Pajamas Kind of Weekend

  1. A3 is rockin’ the bubble gum scarf! Way to go, girl! Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend. I frogged out the sock again and I’m going to try it again using my new-and-improved directions. We’ll see how it goes. Have a good week!

  2. Love pajama kind of weekends!!! I love the Bubble Gum Scarf too. And what do you mean, bad hair? I wish my hair would look so good. You don’t have locks that stick up the wrong way no matter what you do to try and tame them!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the pic of you spinning and smiling! And A3’s knitting is really coming along…wow!

  4. Hey Heide! Loved seeing you this w/e! Can’t believe the pic turned out as well as it did considering how absolutely soaked we were! I loved the concert! Weather was great. I’ll try and post pictures from the concert on my blog soon! Thank you again for the yummy yarn! It reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream! A1 is a dork! Has she never seen green eyes? Wow! Loved meeting her! She was cracking us up!

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