And Just Like That

everyone in our family was bumped up a generation.  My brother called today to tell me that his oldest daughter, Heather, had a baby last night.  This is beyond mind-boggling to me because now I’m a great aunt, my parents are great grandparents and my Grandpa Porgy has been made a great, great grandfather. What’s even more incredulous is to think of my brother as somebody’s grandfather! After all, I remember when he used to take my mother’s pantyhose, put rocks in the feet of them, put the top portion over his head and walk up and down the street with the legs stretched out and bouncing along behind him. He’s the little brother who went fishing then tossed his tackle box in his side attic. We lived in an older house with a slanted roof and side storage areas accessed through sliding doors off of the upstairs bedrooms. Anyway, he had forgotten that he’d left a trout inside the box until protests about his room smelling worse than usual prompted an investigation.  It wasn’t pleasant. I could go on. I know that David is now a responsible and productive member of society. He has been for many years, but there will always be a small part of me which remains convinced that he has cooties. 

According to Grandpa Cootie, (heh, heh, heh) both baby and mom are doing fabulously well. I’m not sure of the spelling, but he said that the baby’s name is *Melia. I’ve decided to make her The Rocketry Cardigan.

Please note that this photo is from the Dream in Color site, where I purchased the pattern.  It is NOT mine, it is theirs. I make no claims to this photo or the sweater shown therein.  I’ve not chosen colors yet for the one I’ll knit. Any suggestions for cute, but not too girly, color combinations are very welcome. In addition to the sweater I’d like to make a pair of matching Saartje’s Booties.

Congratulations to Heather. A warm welcome to baby Melia. And of course a big congratulations to Grandpa Cootie too!

p.s. For those concerned about my callous remarks and name calling, they are made in jest, as my brother well knows. 

*I just found out that the correct spelling of her first name is Maleigha and her middle name is Nicole.



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8 responses to “And Just Like That

  1. Congratulations on your grand grand status. I remember well hearing that I was a great grand uncle. It was shocking to realize I’d gotten so old. Then, I realized that my niece had a baby TOO young in her life~!

  2. Grandpa Cootie! Love it.

    Love that sweater, too. Great colors, even. Welcome, little Melia.

  3. Well hello there, Great Aunt. Does it make you feel like you should put your hair in a bun? Congratulations to everyone.
    The pattern looks wonderful in those colourways. I think the trick is to sort out some fairly traditional colours, then take two away and replace them with zany ones.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    You look fabuulouuuus for a Great Aunt. And, certainly, you are much too young to be one. I love the sweater. As long as you include pink and purple I think any combination of colors will work. Trust your instincts. You have good ones!

  5. Dear Great Aunt Axe Murderer,
    Congratulations to your Cootie brother. Just thinking if you borrow some of the colors from the above sweater it’s a palette that works for fall, winter and spring.


  6. Christy

    Congrats on joining the ‘great’ auntie crowd…I still got ya beat on that one even…My great nephew is in kindergarten, so believe me, I can be sympathetic as to how that feels to be a great auntie before becoming a granny myself.
    At least your not a granny yet, but your day will come – you just get to wait longer than some of us thats all!
    Congrats again, and light pastels would be cute on that sweater. Let me know what type of yarn your thinking (weight, make, etc) and I’ll look see what we have in our neighborhood stores that could work for ya!

  7. Welcome to Great-Aunt-hood. I became a member of that club in 2004, when my NEPHEW became a dad, just a couple weeks before I had Ben. Either he works fast or I work slow. I haven’t figured that out yet. Congrats to the new Grandpa and all the greats-!

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