When one has perpetual bad hair

it’s not a bad thing to wear many different hats… huh?  Sorry, the caffeine hasn’t stimulated my synapses sufficiently.  It makes no sense to me either.

Lately it seems I’ve been switching from one task to another so rapidly that keeping track of who I am becomes a blur, mostly at work.  Sometimes I substitute for an entire room full of little people… where I alternate between drill sergeant and Mother Goose hats. While supervising recesses hat choices include nurse’s hat and referee cap. During small group teaching sessions with special needs students the hats include all of the above, but also added are the fuzzy wig of an entertaining clown and a magician’s top hat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being with the kids and the changes keep each day exciting and new.  But sometimes keeping track of what’s supposed to be happening gets quite muddled. Yesterday on several occasions we ran over times because the hat switches weren’t prompt enough.  Then, as all parents know, once at home the hat changes become even more hectic and varied. Perhaps a cue from Bartholomew Cubbins is in order.

Rather than try and keep up with a written schedule I could have an alarm go off. With each audio cue I’d just take off the top hat to reveal what’s next, then proceed with that profession. 

My only question to you, dear readers, is what kind of a hat does a knitter wear?  Knitters’ hats would definitely need to be added randomly to the stack because lately knitting time has been sorely lacking.

I pondered the braid on my version of the Rocketry Sweater and finally decided to remove that particular design element. It looks adorable on other versions I’ve seen, but it just wasn’t working on mine.  Another option I tried was to pick up the edging with a slip stitch every two rows to mirror the slipped stitches between the color changes of the body.  That didn’t work either. So now the sweater is back to looking like this.


I’m thinking of keeping the picked up edges plain. Maybe a contrasting stitch color around the button holes or a contrasting stripe along the edges will compensate. Or maybe I’m over thinking this and the ribbed edge should be just left one solid color. It’s times like these that I wish I had the design sense of someone like Dave. Something had better come to mind soon though or the dear baby will have outgrown it.

Time to throw on the accountant’s visor and balance the checkbook while periodically donning a chef’s hat for pancakes.  The shopping hat blew away in the wind last night so I failed to stop by the store and pick up milk for something fast, like cereal.  Perhaps a dunce’s cap?



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2 responses to “When one has perpetual bad hair

  1. Nope. No dunce’s hat. You need not don that one ever. How about an over-stimulation hat?

  2. Leave the ribbing solid.
    Try not to get too worked up over the milk: one day of toast for brekkie won’t kill anyone, will it?

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