Blue Kitty

Finally, an almost finished project! Lately knitting time has been scarce, limited to a few rows in the lunch room at work and several more before falling asleep each night.

Last week I posted about our elderly kitty pulling out random bits of fur. Reasons for a cat doing this range from allergies or parasites to stress and mental anguish.  We’ve thoroughly and repeatedly inspected Tasha for critters, flaky skin, redness, bite marks, swelling or other signs of irritation. Nothing in her environment has changed and her food remains the same (Iam’s for adult kitties with digestive issues). The lack of physical causes lead us to watch for signs of duress. Again, nothing. She purrs loudly when people are near, she makes biscuits on our laps while we pet her. The kitties are not left alone any more than they have been in the past.  The final conclusion was that she’s old and has kitty dementia. Then she began turning blue.

Sometime during the last week the bald spot on her back took on a decidedly blueberry hue.  Tasha is still acting exactly the same, with no signs of illness and the area, although blue, is not flaky, bumpy or otherwise irritated.  I questioned whether or not she’d always been that shade and that perhaps I’d been imagining the color change until I compared the pictures from earlier. This picture makes it look black or gray, but in person it really is blue.

Yup, Tasha’s turning blue. Her skin in the second picture isn’t dry, but the residual white hairs make it appear so in the photograph.  Maybe she’s metamorphizing into some new hybrid super kitty.  As long as she doesn’t go Kafka on us and turn into a cockroach then we’re fine with that. In the meantime we’ll continue to watch and should her condition worsen or spread then we’ll take her into the vet.

A1’s assembly adventure turned out to be quite benign, and nothing more  than her and a partner kneeling on a tarp then eating a donut off of a string while holding their hands behind their backs. Some of the other students were covered with shaving cream and suffered true indignities.

Meatloaf is off of the menu in our house now. In the future I may make it again, but I’ve taken the hint that it’s not a favorite dish.  See there, I can be taught. Have a terrific Tuesday!



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6 responses to “Blue Kitty

  1. That’s SO weird about your blue kitty. I’ve never seen/heard of that one before, and I’ve many cats in my time.
    And, if your family isn’t eating meatloaf, let me know if you want to try my recipe. 🙂 It’s delicious, and even non-meatloaf people like it. Of course, they’re adults, but still…

  2. Rae

    I made a variation of KitKatKnit’s meatloaf last night. My sworn to never eat meatloaf hubby had seconds!!!

    Love the baby sweater. What is the pattern?

  3. Ok both of you (Heide and Rae)got me in the meatloaf mood so that’s what I made for Sunday night dinner.

  4. The Case of the Blue Cat – a true story by Heide…
    I Googled it and found this:
    which could be an answer–especially since she has had that chronic respiratory issue.
    Good luck to you–and gentle scritches to Tasha!

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  6. I researched it you need to get your Kitty to a vet right away. Here is the link that describes is happening to your Kitty.

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