Autumn Mysteries

Today is an in-service day, meaning that the girls and I have an extra day off from school/work. Unfortunately, all hopes of sleeping in were dashed to bits when at 5:30 am my eyeballs popped open. I closed them again and tried desperately to resume sleeping, but by that time my bladder had awoken too.  Once up going back to bed seemed futile so I began the daily laundry and started the coffee. When my DH was safely off for work I ventured out to check on the status of my little apples.  Last year we planted a dwarf Braeburn tree. We plucked all of the apples from it that first year, but this time we left some on to sample.

They look fabulous so far and they’ve even managed to stay worm free in spite of the lack of insecticide. There should be one for each member of our family in a few weeks. 

Because we’ve neglected the garden lately,  some spiders have taken up residence. It’s impossible to take more than two steps in any direction without walking through the sticky, insect-laden strands. Morning light combined with residual raindrops left their webs sparkling like jewels. At times like these I wish I had a better camera. It’s a mystery to me where all of these spiders lurked throughout the summer.  Lord knows that had they been this abundant then that my time spent there would have been non-existent. They aren’t small either (some of them are scary-big) so unless this breed grows at crazy fast rate they aren’t newly hatched.

On Wednesday a mystery magazine arrived in the mail. I’ve no idea why it arrived, but I’m relatively certain that I didn’t subscribe to Verena Knitting. There are some very cute patterns inside and I’ve dog-eared several pages. Maybe this is some kind of promotional.  Contacting them is on today’s “To Do” list.  The thought of more issues showing up with a surprise bill down the road isn’t appealing. Did anybody else receive one?

Last night after work I pulled out Ol’ Blue, some mystery roving and began spinning.

I’ve no idea what kind of wool this is, the name of the colorway or the vendor’s name. I purchased a huge bag of it last spring at Black Sheep Gathering and it’s been aging in my wardrobe ever since. There is no end project in mind for this, it was done solely for relaxation purposes. Here is a picture of the singles so far.

I’ll probably end up making a two or three ply sock weight out of this when finished.  Regardless of the number of singles used, it will NOT be chain plied.  

Plans for the rest of our weekend remain just as unorganized mysterious as these other recent happenings. Tentative plans to clean house today then have a Halloween house decorating party tomorrow are still in the works.  Usually the task of hanging up lights, etc. falls on me alone. Hopefully some scary cupcakes, hot cider and spooky music will entice everyone to pitch in.



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2 responses to “Autumn Mysteries

  1. Your apple is perfectly beautiful. All we have is a flowering crabapple. Your singles are terrific! Have a great weekend, kiddo.

  2. Christy

    Yummy looking apple considering mine is worm laden from the minute it sprouts leaf buds (guess I better break down and spray it this winter since the landlord wont). And like Cindy we have a crabapple and a thorn apple – ouchy! The spider webs are pretty too. We haven’t had much rain so it’s nice to see the morning dew on them at your house. As far as the mystery mag – I wouldn’t worry about the bill…if it shows up and you don’t want it – write ‘CANCEL’ on the statement and send it to them…free issue, no bill =)
    PS – congrats on the full time position! TTFN! Miss ya!

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