Sunday Afternoon

Today was one of those perfect Autumn days. The morning was crisp and cold, but not cold enough for frost to be on the ground. The mist burned off quickly and we enjoyed a mostly relaxing and peaceful day at home.

After casting off a Skull Hat I set out in search of a victim model. A2 readily agreed to cease hula hooping and pose.

Coincidentally, at the exact time she donned the hat a game of cul-de-sac kick ball started so off she dashed to join the excitement.

Tasha dutifully trailed along behind her.

While she waited in line to kick the ball I managed to snap a quick shot of the hat. The pattern was a hit with all of the kids. For an adult sized version the crown would need to be longer.

The boisterous game soon proved too much for our geriatric feline so she meandered back to sit by my side. Her black spot seems to be getting smaller and some fur is starting to grow back.

Later the whole family took an afternoon walk where we explored an abandoned homestead.  There were three apple trees just loaded with little red apples. Many were falling on the ground and rotting so I picked enough to make a pie.

The old foundations and miscellaneous ruins from houses long gone had us guessing as to what could have happened to them. There were no signs of fire, flood or other natural disaster. The buildings themselves were just missing, with no piles of rotten wood, frames, etc.  Our conclusion was that a developer probably bought the property and had the houses torn down but nothing else has been done to the site yet.

The girls found some furry friends. Said friends now reside in a container on our back porch with greenery, etc. The back porch is key. I don’t want to vacuum up carcasses in a few days should one escape.

While on the walk I carried several different yarns in a bag hoping for inspiration. I’m really itching to cast on a fall shawl but I can’t decide between these two colorways. These were gifts from Cindy, given on two separate occasions and I love them both.

My family was little help, with there being two votes cast for each choice. 

The only unhappy event today occurred when A3 and I went for an earlier outing. We live in a cul-de-sac and therefore have next to no traffic by our home. Yesterday she was outside playing with Flipsy, her toy dog who barks and does back flips. Today Flipsy was discovered about a block away from home laying alongside a main thoroughfare. He had been ran over and Flipsy is now Flopsy. His barker is broken and we never did find his second eye. There are about 20 teenaged boys in our neighborhood and of those, about half are possible toy napping suspects. Not that they would take it with the intention of being mean and making a child cry. It’s just that when they’re together common sense isn’t that common, and even watching a car hit a toy seems like great fun. There is one boy who is quite the little delinquent though. We’ve often witnessed him throwing things in front of cars while waiting at the bus stop (at least on those days when he isn’t suspended). He’s known for being mean too and even the other kids avoid him.  I watched him huck a rock and hit one of my daughters in the head one day and then claim that he didn’t do it. His brazen stupidity has earned him the name “The water-headed mouth breather” whenever we reference him in our home.

The lesson learned from this is to pick up your toys and not to leave them strewn about the yard.



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3 responses to “Sunday Afternoon

  1. I had forgotten about the yarns. Now, I’m dying to know what you plan. Tasha looks wonderful. Bless her aged heart. I absolutely love the skull cap. Too cool. And there is nothing sadder nor more powerful that an adorable pout.

  2. I think I would have strangled a kid that ever hit my kid in the head with a rock. Or maybe just thrown rocks at *his* sorry excuse for a brain.

  3. Christy

    Awe the sights and sounds of fall…Wooly bear caterpillars, apples on the trees, Halloween decorations and falling leaves rustling in the breeze…sounds like a Calgon moment to me =)
    As far as the neighborhood/village idiot goes…are you sure he didn’t follow you from Spanaway?lol
    Luv the yarn too & look forward to seeing the final results!

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