Sunday Walk

The girls and I enjoyed another Sunday walk. My DH was working and unable to accompany us.

While out and about we enjoyed many natural wonders of the season. Most of them quite common…

however, a few were more unusual.

Our ultimate goal was a nearby creek.

I unsuccessfully tried to find a crawdad, but only a wayward claw could be scavenged from among the rocks.

Ensuing darkness hastened our walk home. Soon we’ll be unable to go out unless it’s the middle of the day, for lack of daylight.

After much debate (with myself) and 6 froggings I finally decided on a pattern for the center panel of my stole. Can you guess the theme from this picture?

No? well unblocked lace is rather undecipherable so here’s a hint.

Still no guesses?  Well let me draw a picture.

Ta da! It’s acorns. Hopefully the pattern will be more obvious in the finished, blocked piece. The edging consists of a lace pattern featuring oak leaves with acorns. This will be added on after the center has been knitted.

Hope everyone’s weekend was fabulous. Cheers!




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8 responses to “Sunday Walk

  1. Looks like fun! And I could see the acorns (after the first hint, anyway); it’s going to be lovely! Is the yarn green and red? Maybe it’s my screen that is making it hard to see the colorway.
    I started on the next pair of socks! I’ll try to get a pic on the blog tomorrow. Hugs!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Love the first shot! Gorgeous day for a walk. Your shawl is beautiful. Acorns and everything. How fall!

  3. I finally zoomed in on the sign in the first picture. VERY FUNNY! You guys are a riot! Hey, I have a couple more BAGS of wool for ya. What are you doing next weekend?

  4. I absolutely LOVE the first pic of y’all crossing the street!! You are very lucky to have such gorgeous surroundings to stroll in! I can’t wait to see your Acorn stole! It’s gorgeous!

  5. What GREAT photos! That first one is wonderful….looks like you’re having so much fun. And the stole….so interesting…can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Isn’t it a lovely time of year! The trees here are showing beautiful colours and the conkers are dropping.
    I’m moving soon and will be a bit busy. I’ll be back on when I’m settled so happy Halloween and probably Thanksgiving too!
    Cheers for now

  7. Roxie

    Great photos! Your girls are a stitch. What fun that they will still play with you like that!

    And what is that green leggity thing in the montage?

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