I feel…


Okay, so maybe more like grateful because now I can ignore the campaign ads, junk mail, door to door canvassing and other political trappings. I’m tired of the elections and look forward to November 5 when hopefully, this will all be over. Please, oh please let there be no controversy regarding the counting, voting validity, etc.


The toilet paper rolls in our bathroom kept slipping off of the holder (this particular dispenser does not have a rod that penetrates the cardboard tube). Sure enough, after finding an older roll  and comparing the two I now have proof that the width of the rolls has been reduced. Both are the same brand.  This is when I put the thousands of dollars spent on my college education to good use and write a letter of complaint to the company… time provided, of course.


There are still lots of fresh vegetables in our garden even though summer has past. These lovely carrots were used in last night’s soup.


Jeff, *Me, Bob & Nikki


Recently, following the constant nagging of an old friend, I joined Facebook. Actually, I discovered that I’d joined it ages ago, done nothing with the account and had forgotten signing up altogether. Anyway, Yesterday I had a contact email from Nikki! Nikki was my roommate while I was in Air Force Tech School in Biloxi, MS many years ago.  She was the only one from our hallway who managed to figure out how to work the giant floor buffing machines. Heck, she didn’t just figure it out, she owned that buffer. Nikki would put on headphones, blast out Metallica and shine away.  She also talked about getting Gumby tattood on her forehead. While not in classes Nikki, Jeff, Bob and I would hang out. Jeff is the creator and owner of Weinertoons. He lives in the Boston area and he connected me up again with Bob. Bob had found Nikki, who now lives in Louisiana. 


Okay, so maybe a little grossed out and curious. Tonight on the Discovery Channel Mike Rowe is going to castrate sheep. I love Dirty Jobs and have a not-so-secret crush on MR, but if I hear the sheep bleating in distress I’ll have to turn it. House pets receive sedation for spaying and neutering, but such amenities are not feasible or possible when large groups of animals are being treated. About that crush… his voice is amazing and he’s not afraid to unplug a toilet. What more could a woman want?


 *Good lord, that was a big frizzy hair mess. Please don’t think ill of me, big hair was in vogue and Mississippi was humid.





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9 responses to “I feel…

  1. And, Mississippi is still humid. Big hair was in. You look fine and happy. What a cool deal to find old friends. I’m so glad. I will adore MR from afar because I have a low gag reflex and cannot watch the show;–) Your veggies look wonderful and tasty (you lucky). The Mom and I are absentee balloting this week. She can’t go and I can’t take the time from her anymore. You give the tp makers heck for me, too.

  2. Nikki


    Oh my gosh — look at that picture! Could my glasses have been any bigger?? Sheesh…don’t worry, I wear contact lenses now 🙂

    Thank you for the compliments regarding my buffing skills. Please don’t share them with my hubby though as I pretend I have no floor cleaning abilities 🙂

    Great to hear from you!!

  3. Don’t forget MR can SING! Oh, I love a deep bass voice! Kelly is making plans for this weekend, so I’ll have to postpone the trip south with the sheerings. Maybe after soccer season is over, which is Nov. 9th. Right after annoying ads season (elections).

  4. Next time you are in the grocery store, pick up the “quart sized” mayonnaise. I’ll bet you it is just over 30 ounces (not 32) and that the bottom had a nice deep (but not obvious when the jar is full) dimple in it.

    Ditto for peanut butter.

    Quantity has decreased, but the prices have remained the same or risen. Notice that when they *increase* the size it is all over the packaging/label. I’ve never seen a “Look! I’m the new smaller model” label. 😐

  5. Oh gosh, look at that big hair!!! I love it. Hmmm, Facebook, huh? I’ve been trying really hard to resist it. I figured I really don’t need one more computer site to suck up all my free time. When would I ever knit?

  6. I’m going to watch Mike in a few minutes…that voice…those biceps…yum. ;o)

  7. I still have that big hair, just a different colour these days, on the premise if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  8. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Awe yes, MR…nothing seems to gross him out. But that’s a good thing because to much heaving would damage that wonderful singing voice he has. And to think one could give up opera singing for dirty jobs…Hope it pays ya better MR!
    I had big hair once too, I’m just happy to have hair again period! =) It’s getting a little too wild for me already and I’m going to go get a trim in the morning…lol

  9. hey! long time….I’ve been incognito (heh). One minute she’s a interventionalist, the next she’s a kindergarten teacher! UBER KINDERGARTEN LEHRERIN! Ok…I’ve been sick and spent 12 hours yesterday working and doing report cards which was quite a feat since I’ve only had 12 days with them. Anyway, I love your hair – mine would be thick, fine, flat and stringy looking; heavy and unmanageable.

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