Pervasive Spirit

As Halloween nears my thoughts become more gruesome and my tastes more unusual.  The morning trip through my sidebar takes a more insidious route. For example, this morning I started out at Cake Wrecks and chuckled profusely at the daily offering. Next was a rather tame visit to Stuff on My Cat… a real yawn fest in the gruesome department, but sweet and adorable kitties made up for it. Then a visit to Cakey Voice  revealed that she is back to knitting her wonderful zombies. Chris posted some creepy spidery pictures from around her town. And if none of these sites have you laughing morbidly or cringing in horror then might I suggest a gander at the latest addition to my sidebar. Aaaack!



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3 responses to “Pervasive Spirit

  1. There are more spiders today! Eeep!

  2. Roxie

    Knitting days till Christmas? Arrrrgh!!! (sticks head in the sand whimpering, “No. No. No.”)
    Cakewrecks is inspiring. Edible glitter? I had no idea!

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