One of my most favorite Bugs Bunny episodes of all is “Transylvania 6-5000.”  Watching that vampire sneak up on Bugs with a stone, only to be transformed with mixed up magical phrases and then be crushed by the stone makes me laugh until my sides hurt. 

Anyway, on Saturday we visited the punkin’ patch. This year we opted to visit a smaller farm up the road from the one we went to last year. An hour long wait just to get in to the latter was the prime motivator.

I think we examined each and every pumpkin at least three times (once for each kid) before decisions were made.


Once the chosen gourds were secured in the vehicle we enjoyed a bumpy tractor ride around the farm.

The girls had a blast.

The pumpkins (punkin’s if you’re from my husband’s side of the family, he keeps correcting me) were massacred.

Abracadabra! Here they are.

The girls were very proud to have created these without the aid of mom and dad. They only wanted us during the slimy parts.  And now for something completely different…

Do you know what these are?

These are bombyx silk worms feasting on mulberry sludge.  All of the second grade classrooms in our school are raising them as part of their science unit on insects. I’ll not be holding my breath while awaiting this magical metamorphosis. They look like bait.

Speaking of a metamorphosis, remember the acorn stole started last week amid much fanfare and me patting myself on the back? Well, this is what it looks like today.

Presto Chango!

Yes, that is different yarn and no, those aren’t acorns, they’re leaves. 

Sunday afternoon, while walking across the living room, I somehow managed to tangle my legs up in the yarn of the original stole, pulling it off of the sofa and catching it on the coffee table leg. The WIP slid completely and traitorously off of the needles before I realized what happened. The horror! The tragedy! The filthy words!  All of that precious knitting time, wasted. In my haste to salvage the ruined stole and pick up the dropped stitches several yarn overs were dropped.  I attempted to frog back to a recognizable row (no, I didn’t have a life line), unfortunately, this particular yarn had a fuzzy halo akin to a mohair blend. The frogging went from bad to worse as the yarn tangled and knotted together.

This was how it looked when I finally threw in the towel. It’s 6 inches shorter and still a tangled mess.  It’s now been tossed unceremoniously into the bottom of my living room WIP basket. 

Guess I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque. 

“Carrots are divine you get a dozen for a dime it’s magic… pocus-cadabra”



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6 responses to “Abracapocus!

  1. OMG, your poor acorn shawl!!! To make you feel better I just gave you an award! Go check out my blog to see what it is. (it’s the rules)

    Actually I gave you the award before I read tonight’s post 🙂

  2. Nice lookin’ punkins! Emma did up hers tonight, too, and I helped Ben carve his. I wanted to take the kids to the Spooner farm in Puyallup which is doing a Narnia themed punkin patch this year, but we haven’t gotten to it. We may not…we’re running out of days before the holiday.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    That is one of my favorite cartoons, too! That, and the witchy-poo ones are my absolute favorites. They’re all Chuck Jones, too. I’m so sorry about your acorn shawl, but your leaf shawl is quite beautiful. One can never have too many shawls, right?

  4. Wait. It was a punkin massacree? Did Officer Opie investigate? Take 8×10 photographs with a paragraph on the back of each one? ;o)

    I hate when a WIP attacks…sorry yours went all maverick on you. ;op

    (and apparently I’m pretty silly with only one cuppa…)

  5. Love that Bugs Bunny episode!!!! 🙂 The pumpkin (or punkin) patch looks like such fun, and the girls did an awesome job with their carvings. What isn’t fun is your poor stole. 😦 The new leafy one looks so pretty though – just like fall leaves.

  6. Roxie

    The leafy stole is a splendid option. Bad acorns! Bad!

    My fav Bugs Bunny is the wagnerian opera where Elmer Fudd sings, “Kill da wabbit. Kill da wabbit. Kill da WAAAAAABit!” to Ride of the Valkyrie. Ok, where can I find those old cartoons?

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