Vote request

I guarantee that this has absolutely nothing to do with government politics.

That disclaimer being made I have a huge request. Last spring I met an incredible woman named Michelle Harrington at our Packwood Knitting Retreat. Michelle is the sole breadwinner and caretaker for her family since her husband suffered from an industrial accident followed by a diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis.  To help cheer him up she nominated him to win a trip to Hawaii via a local radio station. He is now in the final running and the public will be voting for the ultimate winner.  I’ve not served justice to their story, but if you follow this link you can read about him, and the other nominees and place a vote. The deadline is October 30th, so please hurry on over and help send Russ (and hopefully Michelle too) to Hawaii.  Thank you!



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6 responses to “Vote request

  1. Wow, that was easier than regular voting. Let us know if he wins. The resort looks fantastic.

  2. Voted- I wish them lots of luck!

  3. I tried to vote for Russ. I don’t know if it worked. Something went flippy after I put in my email. I also performed by civic duty and privilege by drawing lines on a piece of paper and stuffing it into that manly pink envelope. Nearly all my candidates lose every time. Either I’m an idiot, or I’m surrounded by them…it’s a toss-up.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you and thank you! Thank you to all of you who have helped us by voting! They announce the winner tomorrow. I’ll let you all know either way. If you read all the stories, I think you will agree that any of the other recipients would be just as deserving!!

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