Happy Halloween!

This week virtually flew by. The weather has been so incredibly fabulous that we’ve spent every possible moment outdoors. Because of the uncharacteristic lack of rain and wind the foliage changes are the prettiest I’ve ever seen for this area. Normally the leaves are either beaten off or blown off long before reaching their full potential. Unfortunately the dry spell ended sometime during the night. Costumes for tonight’s Trick-or-Treating will include umbrellas. 

Those of you unable to tolerate a gushing parent may want to skip this next part. 

Yesterday afternoon the junior high school held conferences. A1 has straight A’s! Not only that, but four out of the five teachers I spoke with said that they love her smile and cheerful attitude. The fifth teacher was running late so he merely highlighted her grade, then slid the paper across the desk to me. He did mention that she’s ranked number 1 out of 182 students in Social Studies, the subject he teaches, before he moved on to another parent.  I must confess that the “cheerful attitude” report blew me away more than the grades.  Some days at home I swear that her head will spin around and pea soup will fly out.  Maybe school bus fumes during the long, bumpy ride to school are responsible for the transformation. 

End of gush.

To avoid the inevitable pre-Halloween candy consumption no treats were purchased until Wednesday.  With four females in the house hiding chocolate and pretending that no one will eat it is pointless. Knowing this, we bought Smarties.  Lots of Smarties. The bag didn’t get opened until yesterday, but lots of nibbling has ensued. At least it wasn’t the all-out feeding frenzy we’ve experienced in the past. Hopefully there will be enough for the neighborhood ghouls and goblins.

Elsewhere, reports from my mom are that the cranberry harvest is winding down. Thank heavens they’ve had lots of help from friends and neighbors this year.  Finding reliable workers has become more and more challenging over the years.  

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. A1 is awesome! I’ve always known so! Tell her I said, “Great work–I’m so proud of you!” from her Auntie K

  2. in my experience, a kid can be cheerful for so long- it’s a lot of work. That might explain the occasional (or frequent) meltdown.

  3. Your report on parent night brought back memories! I always wondered if they were really talking about my kid or if they had her mixed up with somebody else’s kid. Good thing they’re cute at birth and we bond with them, othewise when they reach puberty, we’d kill and eat them! Eventually they grow out of it and become human; unfortunately, they have absolutely no memory of how difficult they were. 🙂

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