A Quiet Exit

The month of October flew by due to ridiculous amounts of school activities, social engagements (the girls, not mine) medical appointments, etc., ending with that ultimate kid celebration, Halloween. We all persevered throughout the whirlwind month, but by the 31st the stress had taken it’s toll. A3 and I both woke up Friday with upset stomachs. I went to work anyway and she opted for school rather than staying home. She knew that if she stayed home sick that she might not get to go Trick-or-treating. Besides, it was only a half day because of conferences. Long story short, she made it through her half day, I didn’t.  After an hour of work I came home and spent the rest of the day running between the bed and the bathroom.  A3 got off of the school bus and went straight to bed as well.

Luckily she felt well enough later to don her costume and make the rounds that evening. A2 dressed up as Indiana Jones and A3 chose to be “The Spirit of Halloween” and she put together an outfit from the dress up clothes box. Here they are making their first stop of the evening.

A1 went out with her friend, Elisha, to a different neighborhood so I didn’t have the opportunity to take pictures of them.  Because our house is located on the fringes of a newer, larger housing development we only had about 20 to 30 little ghouls come by. Most of the kidlets opt to hit the heavy concentrations where the loot is more profitable.

Saturday was mostly quiet. A3 spent several hours composing a new song though so we were treated to repetitions and variations of a new melody.

(A3 was very proud about fixing her own hair that morning, hence the lovely bow)

Between naps and half-hearted attempts at housework I cast on a new sock.

On Sunday we began the un-decorating. A2 and A3 found ways to delight and entertain themselves during the process.

Ripping the October calendar page off my wall and revealing a nearly empty November was cleansing. Not a day was left without some kind of reminder or appointment note from the previous month.  A Thanksgiving trip to my parents and a *movie date with my eldest are all that November shows so far.

Happy Monday everyone!

*A1 is totally enamoured with and has read the entire Twilight series of books at least once (depending on the book).  The movie premiers on November 21st and I pre-purchased tickets for her and I to go. She thinks that Edward is “hot”.  I listened to her and Elisha lament that no boys in their Jr. High school were like him. At this point I injected my opinion and told them that they should “hold out for Edward.”  This may be encouraging an unrealistic expectation, but at least it keeps them uninterested in the local males.  I just find it amusing that the series has glamorized the town of Forks, Wa. 



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4 responses to “A Quiet Exit

  1. Some months are just like that, aren’t they: overloaded with just too many things to do and places to be and not fun ones, either!

  2. Glad October is over for many reasons. I’m sorry about the flu, though. But, I think the girls look adorable. And, the sock is cool.

  3. Rae

    Love the sock. What is the yarn? Yes indeed it is great for October to be over with. Our November is just as full. No rest for the wicked…..

  4. What beautiful yarn!! What kind is it? I haven’t packed up all the Halloween stuff yet, but I bought some carving tools on the 75% off racks today. I also got some red and white Cascade 220 for the Elf Hat Project. I’ll be writing to Dave soon for the labels. Hope you’re feeling better! Hugs, K

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