Happy Birthday Vida!


Vida and A1

Today our dear friend, Vida, celebrates another birthday. She must be 26 now.  Vida has played an important role in our family for many years. She is my eldest daughter’s (Amber, a.k.a. A1) godmother.  Her son and youngest daughter are the same ages as my first two daughters. For many years our lives entwined and our families paralleled each other in many ways. Since we moved to the Portland area we’ve not seen one another and contact has been reduced on both sides due to work, children and everyday activities.  Even though, we think of them often and consider them a part of our extended family. That being said, she needs to get her ass down here for a visit with her children, Harrison and Elise. Her husband can come and play with mine… we’ll leave them alone for computer games, beer drinking, scratching and other male bonding rites.

Vida and her mother crocheted the gorgeous Christening gown worn by A1 in the picture (this is the one I tried in vain to replicate as documented here).

Happy Birthday Vida!




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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Vida!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Birthday Vida! That christening gown is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. WOW!! That is a true heirloom!! A1 is going to have that to pass down to her children one day. That is so cool!

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