Curiouser and Curiouser

The chronicles of Tasha and her mystery spot continue.  First she pulled out clumps of hair in various locations on her body.  She had no fleas, food allergies or other discernible reasons for doing so. About a week later the skin exposed on her back began to turn blue. The rest of her bald spots remained their normal pink color.

Eventually the blue spot turned to black. 

Now she has hair growing back in the spot. However, instead of the white or tan fur she had previously, the hair coming in now is a dark brown.  My kitty is mutating into a strange creature.


I’m curious to see what she’ll look like in several weeks.

November rain and wind have set in so heavier knitting projects are back on the needles.  The plan here is to make a top down, heavy cardigan to wear for recess duty. Hopefully the knitting gods will smile and approve. Lately they’ve shunned my attempts at everything from simple socks to intricate lace.  The yarn is handspun chunky singles from mystery wool that I spun and dyed last spring.  I’m curious how yarn dyed at the same time in the same pots could vary so drastically from one skein to another.


What’s even more curious is that although the colors of the yarn include brown, lavender and olive that the yarn should turn my hands blue. Obviously this wasn’t a stellar dyeing experience.


Once finishted the sweater will be soaked thoroughly in an attempt to remove all excess dyes and hopefully even out the colors. Of course that’s assuming an otherwise presentable and wearable garment emerges. 

Saturday my youngest daughter is participating in a chess tournament. I’ll be working concessions or clean up (still unsure where I’m needed) for the event.  What can I say… we’re a wild crowd. My middle daughter is grounded for a serious offense and she will not participate.  Ironically, she doesn’t seem too broken up about missing the event.  A2 told me that  feels guilty for taking other peoples’ chess pieces. On several occasions I’ve witnessed her telling others how to capture her own pawns, etc. so their feelings won’t be hurt. Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend.



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7 responses to “Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. Have a good time at the tourney and good luck to the little one. Aren’t kids amazing? A2 sounds like a true individualist with empathy to burn. I love the sweater start. You might want to lighten up a bit on your self-criticism. You are a hard taskmistress on yourself. And, for old and decrepit, Tasha looks pretty darned good! Have a wonderful weekend, kiddo.

  2. Doris

    Just be careful that the blue on your hands doesn’t turn black and lead to dark brown and black fun growing in your palms! You might have what Tsha has and it might not be from the yarn at all. (LOL)

  3. Doris

    And how helpful it would have been to previw my comment…I meant fur growing from your palms, not fun, and Tasha spelled correctly would have been better too! Oh, well, it’s Friday and I am ready for the weekend.

  4. Have you tried soaking in vinegar?

  5. davidtdaniels

    That’s so weird about the fur. Dusty’s fur is changing from white to cinnamon. He’s still a kitten, and a few people have said that’s normal for his being a flame point. But your kitty isn’t so young. Hmmm…
    As for the dyeing, I’ve had similar experiences with the colors varying. Is that dye exhaustion?

  6. Did you see my bot fly post about our cat???? I would be that is what happened, BUT the fly larvae died and did not emerge, causing a fever in that part of her skin killing her hair!!! I am a closet vet… LOL

  7. Well, my hair has gone from copper to silver, so I guess pigmentation changes are reasonable, but I’ve never heard of the change going from white to dark. What a mystery!

    Love your girls.

    The sweater looks so neat! Mystery wool is bound to give you variable results. Be sure to give it pockets. You need pockets on the recess duty.

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