Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you to all who have served in the military.

Just a quick recap of the weekend.

Saturday: My youngest daughter and I attended an all-day chess tournament.  We discovered that,flag as in any activity, fanatics abound.  The teams and individuals arrived early for registration, then the various parents and clubs set up camps. Literally. Coolers of food, laptop computers, folding chairs, video games, parents, coaches, good luck charms, you name it, could be found as territories were established.  Reservations about bringing my backpack with a book for A3 and multiple knitting projects were put to rest after seeing the elaborate gypsy-esque camps. My pile looked meager in comparison.


My job included recording the wins and losses for the players in the gymnasium. The top tables played in the music room and library. Because A3 is new and inexperienced she stayed in the gym the whole time rather than advancing, so I was able to see her all day. Having two older sisters so close in age she rarely has the luxury of experiencing life as an “only child.” 

As far as sportsmanship went, the 100 or so kids participating were fine, the adults… not so much.  One parent tried to blatantly cheat by standing behind his child and tapping his foot. Still another went ballistic when a child (mine) touched the tops of the pieces while deciding which move to make. I wonder what that parent would have done if she’d had picked up the killed pieces and had them practicing the waltz… it’s been known to happen. There was so much drama and so many tears that I chose to tune everything out. Those two events were forced to my attention or they’d have been blissfully ignored as well.

The one unforgivable action that day involved my knitting. My Autumn Stole was resting inside my knitting bag on the bleachers. Someone decided to take it out of the bag, weave the yarn in and out of the railings and then toss the ball of yarn underneath the bleachers amid the dust and candy wrappers.  I’ll assume it it was a child, but even so, how could an adult not notice this?

Long story short… I hope to never attend a tournament again. The girls enjoy practice though so we’ll continue to go to those. 


Sunday we caught up on laundry and my DH made some delicious, but potent chili. Monday was school and work as usual.

Today’s plans originally included finally cleaning up the remainder of the Halloween decorations then raking up leaves. A storm has thwarted the latter activity and will make the former damp and unpleasant. The holiday trappings will need to be spread out in the garage to dry before being packed away. 


Another hindrance is that I awoke with a low-grade fever and sore throat.  This is one of the occupational hazards of working with children. They’re little germ frigates.  Perhaps I’ll pull out the cardigan and knit a few rows.  I’ve no illusions regarding this project, but my DH’s comment about it being horrible and fugly took the fun out of knitting it temporarily.  My ego has now recovered sufficiently.




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  1. knitwonpurltoo

    He’s wrong as far as I can tell. I cannot believe you avoided decking the parents. Good for you. And, ma dear, Happy Veterans Day to you and DH. Thank you both.

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