WTF Wednesday

So often I come across the strange, puzzling or unexpected that I’ve decided to start sharing some with you each Wednesday. 

This first offering merely falls into the “unexpected” category. Because of the mid-week holiday I decided to take a trip down to our one and only LYS in Vancouver, where I encountered a huge crowd of happy yarn shoppers. Getting to the displays proved challenging as the many yarnaphiles exclaimed and crowded around to admire each new discovery.  Shopping baskets were piled high with everything from patterns to accessories. Never in the two years of living here have I seen any store in that area so busy, it had me thinking WTF?  


Unraveled is going out of business. The owner seemed very upbeat and stoic, in spite of the shop closing.  In her own words, “It’s been a good six year run.”  We should all be so gracious. Too bad the shoppers didn’t show up in droves like this before the going out of business sale. According to the owner someone posted about the closure on Ravelry, hence the onslaught. I don’t frequent Ravelry, so I missed the notice there. 

Some yarn did come home with me and although the yarn is beautiful I feel guilty for buying it now.  Not that the paltry sum I spent in her store would have kept her in business single-handedly, but still…


Classic Elite Yarns, Classic One Fifty, Color #7210, 1200 yards


Steinbach Wolle Strapaz Cotton Sock Yarn Color Numbers 3 and 1


Louet Gems Opal, Sport Weight, Color #80

Another WTF topic hails from daily Freecycle emails.  For those of you unfamiliar with Freecycle, it is a group whose main idea is to keep useful items out of landfills. Members post offerings or requests for items in a particular region and then wait to be contacted by other freecyclers who have or need said item. Once contact is established then people agree to meet in a (hopefully) safe place to exchange the goods. We’ve used Freecycle for both giving and receiving with smashing success.  That being said, in the recent batch of Freecycle emails was this offer:

 “i have mattress that has been peed on several times i dont know what
to do with it i cant afford to dispose of.”

This particular poster also has a “matching” love seat:

“has been peed on and is kind of dirty is blue and comfortable dont
know what to do with it .”

I bet the poster was overwhelmed with responses for these items! I don’t even want to know what type of urine is on the mattress and love seat. How anyone can feel “comfortable” on a love seat that’s been peed on? I think his/her typing was effected by the ammonia fumes too.  Even Bonny is grossed out.


“Humans are so disgusting!”

Finally, what would WTF Wednesday be without featuring a Haunted Turkey Foot.  That’s right, for just $2.99 + shipping you can own your very own severed and spooky appendage as he flips you the bird. Just imagine the unique Thanksgiving centerpiece possibilities.  But wait, there’s more!  The turkey’s second foot will also be listed in a separate auction. These feet are guaranteed to bring “Money, Love, Protection, Peace, Calming Effects, Dream Magic, Astral Travel, Spirit Contact, Respect and Loyalty, Self Love, Awakening of Magic, Guidance, Teaching, Cleansing, More Energy, Enhanced Beauty, Unlimited Wishes, Magic, Grounding, Meditation, Alignment, Courage, Good Health, Whispers of ancient secrets, Teaching of the craft, and much more!”  

What’s more amazing to me is that this item already has a bid!







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5 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Hi. Thanks for entering my contest. You have an interesting blog.

  2. Peed on. Dude…seriously?


  3. How about getting the items cleaned before disposing of the things? Ew.
    Lovely yarns! Too bad about the shop closing. You’ll have to come up here and we can visit the two LYS in my neck of the woods.
    What are your plans this coming weekend? I gotta get these boxes/bags of fluff to you!

  4. The is too bad about the shop, but she might have just had her fill. Don’t feel bad about the purchases. That which you bought means she doesn’t have to dispose of it later. The peed on furniture stuns me. WTF? Was your bid the first on the turkey foot?

  5. Christy

    OMG – how gross is that for freecycle? eew yuck(shudder). As far as the yarn store – I agree with you…where were they before the close out sale? As far as the turkey foot…and the freecycle…
    Is there a full moon that travels with these people to make them this strange (or is it stupid)?

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